1. Tinky Winky as Woody
  2. Dipsy as Buzz Lightyear
  3. Scoop as Mr. Potato Head
  4. Bobby as Slinky Dog
  5. Lofty as Rex
  6. Roley as Hamm
  7. Dizzy as Bo Peep
  8. Bob as Andy
  9. Wendy as Andy's Mom
  10. The Sun as Molly
  11. Travis as R.C.
  12. Taxicrab as Lenny
  13. Skip as Shark
  14. Rabbits as Robot
  15. Snakes as Snake
  16. The Magic Windmill as Etch
  17. Voice Trumpet as Mr. Spell
  18. Bungo as Sarge
  19. The Beetlebugs as Sarge's Soldiers
  20. Elephants as Rocky
  21. Pirate Brickbeard as Sid
  22. Po as Hannah
  23. Bird as Scud
  24. Wendy (Peter Pan) as Janie
  25. Kaa (The Jungle Book) as Pterpactyl
  26. Copper (The Fox and the Hound) as Baby Face
  27. Annie (The Forgotten Toys) as Legs
  28. Thumper (Bambi) as Hand in the Box
  29. Jake (Tweenies) as Roller Bob
  30. Lucy (The Raggy Dolls) as The Frog
  31. Timon (The Lion King) as Jingle Joe
  32. Boots (Dora the Explorer) as Ducky
  33. Brick (The Powerpuff Girls) as Rockmobile
  34. Timothy Mouse (Dumbo) as Walking Car
  35. Lucky (101 Dalmatians) as Burned Ragdoll
  36. Barney (Barney and Friends) as Huge Red Pickup Truck
  37. Donald and Douglas (Thomas and Friends) as Yellow Soldier Toys
  38. Lillie Lightship (TUGS) as Sally
  39. Puppets as Evil Emperor Zurg
  40. Tap Dancing Bear as Wheezy
  41. Penguins as Al
  42. Laa Laa as Jessie
  43. Noo Noo as Bullseye
  44. Scary Lion as Prospector
  45. Muck as Mrs. Potato Head
  46. Pilchard as Buster
  47. Flamingos as Barbie
  48. Frogs as Ken
  49. Spud as Lotso
  50. Zooter as Bonnie
  51. Miss Jolly as Bonnie's Mom
  52. Butterflies as Dolly
  53. Tortosies as Buttercup
  54. Giraffes as Mr. Pricklepants
  55. Ellyvan as Toroto
  56. Tigers as Chuckles
  57. Toadhog as Big Baby
  58. Crocker as Chunk
  59. Bear with Brown Fuzzy Hair as Stretch
  60. Dozer as Twitch
  61. Lance as Spark
  62. Dodger as Chattle Telephone

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