1. Tinky Winky as Dog
  2. Dipsy as Fox
  3. Laa Laa as Duck
  4. Po as Cat
  5. Noo Noo as Fish
  6. Rabbits as Rabbit
  7. Voice Trumpet as Ostrich
  8. The Sun as Bird
  9. Tigers as Tiger
  10. Penguins as Penguin
  11. Snakes as Snake
  12. Elephants as Elephant
  13. Flamingos as Flamingo
  14. Butterflies as Butterfly
  15. Tortoises as Turtle
  16. Giraffes as Giraffe
  17. Frogs as Frog
  18. Bear with Brown Fuzzy Hair as Bear
  19. Scary Lion as Lion
  20. The Puppet as Cheetah
  21. Tap Dancing Bear as Camel
  22. Little Bo Peep as Peacock
  23. Sheeps as Sheep
  24. White Doves as Owl
  25. Three Ships as Rhino
  26. Flowers as Bee

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