Butterflies as Emily Elizabeth

Tinky Winky as Clifford (Tinky Winky and Clifford both are biggest)

Penguins as Charley

Little Bo Peep as Jane

Po as T-Bone (Po and T-Bone both short)

Lala as Cleo (Lala and Cleo both chick people)

Dipsy as Mac (Dipsy and Mac both vain)

Bear with Brown Fuzzy Hair as Jetta

Tigers as Vaz

Frogs as Mr. Howard

Flamingos as Mrs. Howard

Three Ships as Mr. Bleakman

White Doves as Mrs. Bleakman

Leo (from Little Einsteins) as Speckle the Puppy

June (from Little Einsteins) as Riva Rabbit

Quincy (from Little Einsteins) as Darnell Duck

Rocket (from Little Einsteins) as Robbie the Panda

Annie (from Little Einsteins) as Luna Raccoon

Noo-Noo as Charley's Dad

Flowers as Mary

Scary Lion as The Evil Dog

Rabbits as Young Clifford

Snakes as KC

Giraffes as Victor

Tortoises as Pedro

Elephants as Sheriff Lewis

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