1. Po as Aurora
  2. Laa Laa as Jasmine
  3. Tinky Winky as Ariel
  4. Dipsy as Cinderella
  5. Noo Noo as Belle
  6. The Sun as Snow White
  7. Tigers as Shanti
  8. Penguins as Merida
  9. Snakes as Mulan
  10. Elephants as Eilonwy
  11. Flamingos as Rapunzel
  12. Butterflies as Alice
  13. Tortoises as Tiana
  14. Giraffes as Giselle
  15. Frogs as Esmeralda
  16. Flowers as Wendy
  17. Trees as Anita
  18. Bear with Brown Fuzzy Hair as Pocahontas
  19. Scary Lion as Jane Porter
  20. Voice Trumpet as Jessica Rabbit
  21. The Magic Tree as The Blue Fairy
  22. The Magic Windmill as Kida
  23. Rabbits as Lilo
  24. Little Bo Peep as Megara
  25. Sheeps as Katrina Van Tassel
  26. Pink House as Jessie
  27. Puppets as Golden Harp
  28. Tap Dancing Bear as Sally Skellington
  29. White Doves as Tinker Bell
  30. Toon Dark Magician Girl (From Yugioh) as Kilala Reno
  31. The Magic Clouds as Spring Sprite
  32. The Magic Train as Kairi
  33. Christmas as Anna
  34. The Control Panel as Jenny
  35. The Carousel as Penny
  36. Tubbytronic Superdome as Nita
  37. Tubby Toast as Slue Foot Sue
  38. Tubby Custurd as Grace
  39. Pink Slide as Sofia
  40. Spider as Vanellope Von Schweetz
  41. Tubby Bed as Violet Parr
  42. Tubby Table as Izzy

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