• Tinky Winky as Horrid Henry
  • Dipsy as Perfect Peter
  • Laa Laa as Moody Margaret
  • Po as Sour Susan
  • Noo Noo as Greedy Graham
  • The Sun as Vomiting Vera
  • Rabbits as Henry's Dad
  • Flowers as Henry's Mom
  • Tigers as Weepy William
  • Penguins as Rude Ralph
  • Snakes as Aerobic Al
  • Elephants as Beefy Bert
  • Flamingos as Lazy Linda
  • Butterflies as Gorgeous Gurinder
  • Tortoises as Jolly Josh
  • Giraffes as Anxious Andrew
  • Frogs as Brainy Brian
  • Bear with Brown Fuzzy Hair as Miss Battle Axe
  • Scary Lion as Soggy Sid
  • Little Bo Peep as Singing Soraya
  • Sheeps as Fluffy
  • Puppet as Fang
  • Ships as The Killer Boy Rats
  • The Magic Tree as Miss Oddbod
  • Doves as Stuck Up Steve

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