Tinky Winky as Ten Cents

Luke Skywalker (From Star Wars) as Hurcules

Fly (From Help! I'm a Fish!) as Warrior

Homer (From The Simpsons) as Big Mac

Dipsy as Top Hat

Po as Sunshine

Scooter (From Challenge of The Gobots) as OJ

Fry (From Futurama) as Grampus

Mario & Luigi (From Mario) as Frank & Eddie

Woody (From Toy Story) as Sea Rouge

Laa-Laa as Sally Seaplane

Fany as Lillie Lightship

Chuckie (From Rugrats) as Boomer

Slideshow Bob (From The Simpsons) as Zorran

Nasty Jack (From Winnie The Pooh) as Johnny Cuba

James (From Pokemon) as Bluenose

Simba (From The Lion King) as Captain Star

Pincher & Hornet (From Challenge of The Gobots) as Zebadee & Zak

Bowser (From Mario) as Captain Zero

Casey Jr (From Dumbo) as Puffa

Thomas (From TTTE) as The Goods Engine

Splatter (From TTTE) as Zip

Dodge (From TTTE) as Zug

Lion as Nackucet

Pearl as Herself

Duchess as Herself

Jack The Grappler as Himself

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