Dipsy as Hi-Fi

Po as Lucy

The Sun as Princess

Noo Noo as Sad Sack

Laa Laa as Dotty

Tap Dancing Bear as Claude

Tinky Winky as Back to Front

The Puppet Man as Mr. Grimes

Little Bo Peep as Florrie Fosdyke

Voice Trumpet as Pumpernickle

Tigers as Mr. Marmalade

Giraffes as Rupert the Roo

Penguins as Woody the Woodpigeon

Frogs as Old Edward

Snakes as Ragamuffin

Tortoises as The Little Carthorse

Elephants as Rufus

Butterflies as Babette

Flamingos as Nicole

Scary Lion as Toby Martin

Bear with Brown Fuzzy Hair as Miss Marianna Bunch

Rabbits as Farmer Brown

Flowers as Natasha

Three Ships as The Pigeon

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