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  • Teletubbies Carnival Printeight(January 28 1998)

Fun With The Teletubbies

Release Date: 1997

Fun With The Teletubbies is a fan made VHS containing 7 episodes from the TV series.


  1. Larette Tap Dancing
  2. Emily and Jester
  3. Humpty Dumpty
  4. Feeding The Chickens
  5. The Helicopter
  6. Balancing
  7. Mark and Zoe Cooking
  • Four Dances are included on this VHS. They are:
  • The Tip Toe Dance.
  • The Round and Round Dance.
  • The Jumping Dance.
  • The Running Away Dance.

The Magical Event sequences included on this VHS are:

  • The Tap Dancing Teddy (twice.)
  • The Lion and Bear.
  • The House With The Singing Man.
  • The Three Ships.
  • The Animal Parade.
  • The Magic Tree.

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