Woody Eric cartmen (sourh park )

Buzz lighter stewie griffion (family guy)

Mr. Potato head mento (teen titans)

Slinky dog sonic (sonic x)

Rex big bird (sesame street)

Hamm Peter griffion (family guy)

Bo peep wendy (south park)

Sarge viper (pokemon cronicals)

Sarge's soilders team rocket (pokemon)

Andy Davis Stan marsh (south park)

Mrs. Davis jinx (teen titans)

Molly Davis pink baby (sesame street)

RC super Grover and his car (sesame street)

Lenny cyborg (teen titans)

Mr. Snark mammoth (teen titans)

Snake Kyle blovaski (south park)

Robot Eric Cartmen (south park)

Etch itchy (itchy and scratchy)

Mr. Spell radio (the brave little toaster)

Rocky toster (the brave little toaster)

Troll dolls meerkats (the lion king)

Sid phillips yumi yoshimura (hi hi puffy ami yumi)

Hanna Phillips ami onki (hi hi puffy ami yumi

Scud the dragon (teen titans)

Combat carl Bert (sesame street)

The aliens the smurfs

Chosen alien Briany smurf (the smurfs)

Janie and patrodacty raven ( teen titans) kracko (Kirby right back at ya)

Baby face Adam (honey I blew up the kid)

Legs numbah 3 (code name kids next door)

Hand-in-the-box beast boy (teen titans)

Roller bob meta knight (Kirby right back at ya)

The frog lampy (the brave little toaster)

Jingle Joe the giant magnet (the brave little toaster)

Ducky Kenny (south park)

Rock mobile Kirby (the brave little toaster)

Walking car gizmo (teen titans)

Burned rag doll wildebeest (teen titans)

Huge red pick up truck king dedede (Kirby right back at ya)

Yellow toys Kirby and tuff (Kirby right back at ya)

Sally doll Tera (teen titans)


1 opening 2 the coast is clear 3 savages 4 stewie the space ranger 5 strange things 6 cartmen and stewie fight it's yumi 7 who will Stan pick 8 lost at the gas station 9 going to pizza planet 10 stewie meets the smurfs 11 at yumi's house 12 play time at yumi's house 13 I gonna sale no more 14 stewie's wheele chair 15 yumi's window to stan's window 16 the big one 17 stewie I can't do this to you 18 cartmen ask for help 19 play nice 20 the chase 21 rocket power 22 Xmas at stan's house 23 end credits

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