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12-Belvist 374.325

10-Xorientia 311.896

8-Adamsburg 223.777

7-Arjastan 188.134

6-Calypso 151.175

5-Alinta 88.542

4-Comino 76.522

3-Mountbatten Island 71.859

2-Noizeland 70.953

1-Bokia 65.442

11th-Instir 62.644

12th-Rotterdamus 57.632

13th-Altharia 54.381

14th-Spila 45.384

15th-Ugaly 41.328

16th-Begonia 35.632

17th-Astoria 33.421

18th-Andromeda 16.454

19th-Tomstria 11.857

20th-Medina 3.421

21th-Reym-L-Dneurb 1.505

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