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The Tellurians are a race of behemoths from the Loque'eque homeworld. Humanoid in appearance, adult Tellurians were usually over six meters tall. Some specimens were recorded that were up to 30 meters in height. Their bodies were covered in thick, matted fur, which was black, brown, or sometimes gray in color. Their hairless faces were dominated by protruding lower jaws and heavy brows. Inexplicably, some Tellurians had hoof-like feet, while others had long toes, and either a long, narrow heel, or a backward pointing fourth toe. Though they were omnivorous, their pointed teeth were well adapted to eating meat. They had wide, long, and pointed ears that were highly sensitive to noises made by small animals. Though their hearing was strong, their eyesight was weak. Bright light pained them, making them nocturnal hunters.

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