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  • Zoe and Telly says Count to Three and Yelling Good Morning Elmo
  • Lydia, the Tattooed Lady [1]
  • Telly says Letter of the Day
  • Alphaquest: P [2]
  • P is for Painting [3]
  • Telly and Zoe singing a Songs
  • A violinist plays, until his strings break.
    Artist: Jeff Hale [4]
  • "Washin' the Dog" [5]
  • Elmo singing Laa laa laaa laaa
  • Monsters have a "fiesta" (party). [6]
  • Zoe says Number of the Day is 20
  • Number Creatures 20
  • Telly in the Cornect Hall
  • Growing Numbers 18
  • Men playing Accordion, Electric Guitar, and Drumset
  • Abstract count to 15 [7]
  • Rosita says Almost Time for Elmo's World
  • The Pointer Sisters Hush Little Baby [8]  
  • Elmo says Elmo's World
  • Elmo's World: Hands [9]
  • Telly says by the Letter P and Zoe says by the Numbers 15, 18, and 20

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