This is not a real Sesame Street Episode. This is a scratchpad Sesame street episode.

Do not confuse this episode with Episode 3151. That episode is not a repeat of 3124, since:

  • It features Elmo in the show
  • It sponsors by the letters H and U and the number 11
  • It features the Alarm Clock serenade in the show.


  • Big Bird greets everyone on Sesame Street, and then sings "Good Morning, Mr. Sun."
  • Cartoon: How Andy Fritz Ate the Sun
  • Film: Flamingos Walk Around to Classical Music
  • Ernie and Bert: Pizza and Grape Juice [1]
  • Film: Yuri the Yak [2]
  • Cartoon: Speech Balloon: Y - Yo-Yo
  • Muppets: Big Bird exclaims "Amazing"
  • Cartoon: Name that Food (Will you eat it?)
  • Film: Street signs on film, including a yield sign
  • Cartoon: A blue triangle looks for his friend in a museum [3]
  • Scene 1: Telly is about to play triangle with Bob and his band of kids. As the band plays "The Icicle Waltz," Telly waits for Bob to cue him with his baton, and he plays the triangle right on cue.
  • Cartoon: An elephant, a zebra, a hedgehog, an ostrich, a frog and a ladybug create a rhythm with their footsteps [4]
  • Muppets: Elmo and the importance of sleep
  • Cartoon: Mad Goat Song
  • Animation: Ornate K's swing around as a song about them plays
  • Animation: An orange sings "Habanera"
  • Scene 2: Bob conducts his band in another slow song. While the band plays, Maria sweeps the steps, Mr. Handford mashes some potatoes, and Flo Bear types a story. When the band plays the song faster, everyone picks up speed in their activities. Bob can't decide whether he likes the song fast or slow, but everyone else prefers it slow.
  • Animation: Cecille sings "I Wanna Be Me"
  • Animation: Pencil Box Y/y
  • Muppets: Teacher Little Chrissy sings how it is important to "Raise Your Hand"
  • Film: Orange peeled/unpeeled
  • Cartoon: Donnie Budd counts four lions.
  • Scene 3: Telly offers to play his triangle for Maria, but she wants to continue fixing a toy box. He thinks it'll work out if he plays while she bangs, but she has trouble concentrating when he does so. He wanders off, looking for someone who likes triangle music. A baby Dinger pops up and dings, and Maria points her to Telly.
  • Cartoon: An alien comes across a pair of tree trunks; one with multi-colored leaves, the other without. He finds and grows leaves to mount on the other tree, then strings a hammock between the two. [5]
  • Film: Two apples balance on a block seesaw.
  • Muppet & Kid Moments: Grover and John-John count a penny
  • Cartoon: 4 elephants at the circus
  • Scene 4: Telly practices his triangle some more, not noticing that the baby Dinger is watching him. Bob and Maria decide to introduce them to one another. When the Dinger dings at them, Telly thinks there's an echo at first, but they immediately strike a chord when they meet face to face. Bob and Maria announce the sponsors as Telly and the Dinger make music together.

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