Roman Empire

Telmarine Empire at its Largest

The Telmarine Empire was one of the largest multi-cultural empires in the world of Galana. The empire extends throughout our Europe, North Africa, The Middle East and the area that the Soviet Union used to inhabit. They also inhabit parts of Northern China, Japan and India. This large empire is home to 500 Billion mythical creatures and a Trillion Humans. The Human-Telmarines have been expressed as extremely tolerant of the other creatures in their Empire.


The Diverse population of the Telmarines has given them many different appearances. The Human Telmarines have many different skin colors extending from White to black. Also, hair colors extending from Blond to Red, some individuals wear their hair in pony or pigtails while others where their hair don or where them in knots, braids or buns. Finally, most older men are clean shaven while others sport beards, mustaches or goatees. Members of their army wear golden or silver armor with a red, green or blue cape and a centurion headdress. Many citizens wear tunics of different colors from Green to blue, to light tan. Most men and women wear shirts and pants while some women wear skimpy clothing.

National Emblem

The Telmarines flag is square and shows the picture of a roaring lion, which symbolizes the Empires Strength. This symbol is placed on their ships, machines, blimps and tanks of war. The Telmarine Empire currency consists or copper, silver and Gold pieces , each in the shape of a circle with a square in the center.


The Telmarines are a tolerant culture with many provinces. The geography of the Telmarine Empire includes Forests, Deserts, Jungles, Grasslands and Mountains. Aside from the large cities, many villages and towns dot their landscape. In the presence of the leader of the Telmarine empire it is customary to bow before them or a member of the senate. And they had millions of slaves all over the empire.

Natural Resources and Foods

The Resources of the Telmarines vary. Most of the areas of farmland produce vegetables while villages near volcanoes produce coal and iron to make their weapons and war machines.

Cultural Festivals

Many of the Telmarine empires Festivals are one of the most fun. The spring festival's attractions include puppet shows, fireworks, jugglers, fire breathers, parades and magicians. The Lily Festival takes place in August to celebrate the blooming of the different lily plants.


Telmarine Youths are educated in many fields of education such as weapons fighting, swordsmanship, archery, horseback riding, learning how to play instruments, Cosmography, Rhetoric, Heraldry, Versification, History, Law, Physic, Alchemy, Astronomy and a little Magic.


Government System: Confederate Monarchy

Head of State: King and Senate The Telmarine Empire is divided into many provinces and major cities, which are subdivided into smaller townships or separate towns. The Empire is ruled by a senate which has 2 representatives from each province.


The Telmarine Empire possesses a large variety of combat organizations and personnel. Soldiers, carry a wide variety of weapons, from spears, swords, and other various polearms, to more unusual weapons such as hammers, axes, machine guns, and sickles. They were at war with the Rebels of Telmar. They had lost hundreds of thousands of troops during the war but isn't going to give up. They also had millions of troops coming in from their conquered world of Pandora.

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