Temacu's Wonderful Life is a The New Adventures of Lara Laramie episode.


  • Temacu dreams of being Alice in Wonderland. She falls down the rabbit hole while following the white rabbit who is really Lara Laramie. But Thug Pooh and Thug Tigger have a scheme to make.


  • Lara Laramie
  • Temacu
  • Miki
  • Larita Laramie
  • Miss Priscilla
  • Thug Pooh
  • Thug Tigger
  • Bailey (cameo)
  • Mahri (cameo)
  • Charmaine (cameo)


Part 1

  • (we see Temacu singing in her room getting ready to dress up as Alice)
  • Temacu: (singing) La La La La La. I really wanted to be like Alice.
  • Miki: Temacu, stop singing!
  • Temacu: (stops singing) Miki, i just put on my white tights and the Alice costume. Now all i need is the black mary janes.
  • Miki: I'll pound you if you keep protesting.
  • Temacu: (wailing loudly) Lara! Larita! Miss Priscilla! Help! Miki's going to pound me!
  • Lara: Stop it, Miki. Ye know you're going to hurt mah friend.
  • Larita: Yeah! Leave her alone right now!
  • Miki: But i...
  • Temacu: (starts crying)
  • Miss Priscilla: There, there. You don't need to start crying.
  • Temacu: (sniffs) Of course. How can i want to be such a wimp.
  • Miss Priscilla: Miki you can't you have to leave Temacu alone.
  • Miki: (angered) Who cares! I'll beat the daylights out of Temacu and she'll cry like chubby little baby.
  • Lara: (whacks Miki on her head with her fist) Stop mentionin' that!
  • (Miki runs off crying)
  • Lara: And don't come back right now until you apologize to mah best friend.
  • Temacu: Later, guys.
  • Lara: Bye, Temacu.
  • Larita: Have a nice day.
  • Miss Priscilla: Come back when you finish your journey.
  • Miki: (thinking) Temacu is such a cowardly wimp. But i'll beat her back.
  • (Miki lets out and evil smirk)
  • Temacu: Hmm, wonder if there's something wrong with... (screams as she falls down the hole that belonged to Gopher. Her scream echoes down below.)
  • Temacu: Ouch! That hurts. Mr. Fluffles, i know i wanted to be great but, i'm going to be all alone from now on. (starts crying loudly).
  • Gopher: Hey, what's with all this crying.
  • Temacu: (sniffs) Was that you Gopher?
  • Gopher: If you don't mind my helmet then come on i got work to do.
  • Miki: Temacu is going to be pounded and i'll win for sure. She'll be crying so loud that she won't see her best friend Lara from now on. (laughs maniacally as thunder strikes in the background.)
  • (end of Part 1)

Part 2

  • (

Part 3

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