Temacu is the worst nightmare of Brock and the love interest of Delaney appearing in The Heartbreak of Brock. Voiced by Kerry Williams, she has blue hair with a yellow bow on top, blue eyes and wears a red shirt with short puffy sleeves and a yellow bowtie, red skirt, white socks and red shoes with red bows on it. At her age, she is 16 years old.


  • Unnamed Father
  • Delaney (Love Interest)
  • Brock (Biggest Fanatic)


  1.  Liking to marry Delaney
  2.  Admiring Brock
  3.  Following boys


  1.  Being a reckless cheater
  2.  Becoming caused by majority
  3.  Lying to anyone


  • She is one of the blue haired girls to appear.
  • On YouTube, she has a Friday side for Seven Pokemon Girls
  • Despite wearing socks, she swaps them with light tan tights
  • Getting a lot of luck means good charm for her

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