Temacu The Crybaby is a The New Adventures of Lara Laramie episode.


  • Temacu is crying because her lovable teddy bear Mr. Fluffles has been lost and she is losing her memories. Lara and Miki try to cheer her up. But, Thug Tigger and Thug Piglet decide to take away Mr. Fluffles, and Lara and Miki are on the chase.


  • Lara Laramie
  • Temacu
  • Miki
  • Larita Laramie
  • Miss Priscilla
  • Thug Tigger
  • Thug Piglet
  • Pietra (cameo)
  • Aya (cameo)
  • Suzy (cameo)


Part 1

  • (we see Lara and Miki watching tv while Larita is playing with her doll named Mindy)
  • Temacu: (runs in crying like a siren)
  • Lara: What's happenin' mah friend.
  • Temacu: (crying) I lost Mr. Fluffles, my beloved teddy bear, he's sent to the dumps.
  • Miki: That can't be true! Temacu, please, don't cry.
  • Temacu: (wails uncontrollably)
  • Larita: (bursts to tears, too)
  • Lara: Mah sister! There, there. Stop cryin.
  • Larita: (crying) Temacu's wailin' made me cry. I want to be a baby.
  • Lara: Don't cry, mah sister. Ye can't be a baby.
  • Miki: We'll find your beloved teddy bear named Mr. Fluffles. Stay there.
  • Temacu: (sniffs) That's okay.
  • Larita: (sniffs, too) Thanks mah big sister.
  • Lara: Well, Miki. Let's search for Mr. Fluffles.
  • (Lara and Miki went looking for Mr. Fluffles)
  • Lara: I can't see him, Miki.
  • Miki: Me neither.
  • Lara: Is this Mr. Fluffles?
  • Temacu: No! That's my talking teddy bear named Fuzzy. I wanted Mr. Fluffles! (starts crying like a siren again.)
  • Lara: Stop cryin' Temacu!
  • Miki: Make it stop!
  • Larita: Somebody, Help us!
  • Miss Priscilla: What's going on here?
  • Lara, Miki and Larita: Temacu started crying.
  • Miss Priscilla: Aww, don't cry. You're always trying to be a baby.
  • Temacu: (crying) Yes, Miss Priscilla. I really wanted Mr. Fluffles. He's my adorable teddy bear. I loved him so much when i was a little girl.
  • (Flashback showing a young Temacu at the carnival throwing a ball at the cans and winning Mr. Fluffles is shown.)
  • Temacu: But now he's lost and Lara and Miki are unable to find him. I wanted him so much. (wails loudly)
  • Miss Priscilla: Could you please search for Mr. Fluffles, you two?
  • Lara and Miki: Yes, Miss Priscilla.
  • (Lara and Miki went looking for Mr. Fluffles. Thug Tigger and Thug Piglet eye from the ceiling.)
  • Thug Tigger: Poor Temacu. She's crying like a little baby.
  • Thug Piglet: That's because Mr. Fluffles is lost and sent to the dumps. We had to find him before Lara and Miki do.
  • Thug Tigger: What a great idea.
  • (Thug Tigger and Thug Piglet snicker)
  • End of Part 1

Part 2

  • (We find Lara and Miki looking for Mr. Fluffles again.)
  • Lara: I found him!
  • Miki: We better give it to her.
  • Lara: Is this Mr. Fluffles?
  • Temacu: No! That my lovable doll! A Tickle Me doll named Marli! I wanted Mr. Fluffles! (cries again).
  • Lara: It's okay, Temacu. You're always tryin' to be a good little girl.
  • Miki: We'll find him. Stop crying.
  • Temacu: Yes, I promise.
  • (Lara and Miki look for Mr. Fluffles once more.)
  • Lara: I found one!
  • Miki: It's really Temacu's adorable teddy bear. We'll givw it to her in no time.
  • Lara: Is this Mr. Flufffles?
  • Temacu: Yes! My adorable teddy bear named Mr. Fluffles. Aww i love you.
  • Lara:

Part 3

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