The ultimate enemy. Eternal. Unkillable. More powerful than a God. One with the universe. Able to warp reality at will!


Human Form

He appears to only be 16 years old. He is 7-feet tall. He appears to be russian in origin. He has brown messy hair, and a moustahce. He has a small scruffy beard. He has the symbol of Darkness on his chest. His clothing varies.

True Form

He takes on the appearance of a humanoid sekeltal dragon. He wears a torn vest, and a pair of torn shorts with an iron belt around it. Both clothing are a deep black.His legs, arms, tail, and neck are long and snakey. They are all boney.His legs are digitigrade. At the end of each hand is a skeletal hand with long and boney fingers.His head is a creepy dragon skull with tusks. The symbol of Darkness is on his chest. He has 50 arms and 50 wings.His wings are very long and large. The wings are covered with decrepit black feathers.He has 50 scabbers on his hips. Each holding one of his 50 swords of Darkness.His tail has a 3 prong-claw on the end, along with a red eye. He has creepy black chains on all 50 of his wrists.

Other Forms

Because he can shapeshift, he has a mutitude of other forms. The most common of these is a giant twisted tree with claws, hooks, mouths, and spikes, and a giant glowing yellow eyeball. Other forms could be massive eels covered in poxes. Or bears made up of insects. He could appear as a scabby giant with horns in his chest, and feet on his head.

Tree of Armageddon

Oblivion Form

He appears as his human self. Except he is wearing a white cloak, with black lightning all over it.

God Form

Similar to his True-Form. Except this form is twice the size of a large city! His appearance is much more freightning, and he has no legs, instead a large black kelt, with black mist coming from it.

REAL True Form

He appears as 3 homonculus eyes floating in the darkness. Each arranged to look like a triangle.The Top eye is Red. The Left eye is Green. And the right eye is Yellow.


Cruel, sadistic, calm & collective, manipulative. He is so many things. He is sort of generous as he does give his enemies a chance to defend themselves. But at other times he'll be serious, which is really BAD! His personality is odd and mixed. He's willing to talk to his enemies, even though he knows their trying to kill him.He sees that everything around him is something he can use for his army.


His origin is lost to history.

But according to a legend, he was born on an Earth-type world in Russia. His human grandfather used a dark and ancient alchemy technique to transport the Heart of Darkness into a mortal body. It's said when he discovered his powers he went mad and raised an army of machines followed by legions of Daemons!

This legend is possibly true since normal humans, who are Russian in origin, do fight alongside the Dark Army.


Temhota is THE reincarnation of DARKNESS! He IS Darkness ITSELF!

With a though Temhota can cause the whole universe to explode! He is possibly the most powerful being there is! All he has to do is think, and BOOM an enemy army explodes! He's virtually immortal! Any attack on him won't kill him! His heart IS his only weakness. Attacking any other location will just cause Dark matter to spew out. Because he has more power than a god, (and more power than life & Death!), he has a multitude of powers.

Examples include sending giant walls of fire at his foes. Casuing pillars of jagged darkness to rise from the ground. Create shadow claws to pull people into darkness. He can teleport and warp across the cosmos.

He canturn his fingers into black tendrils to pierce his foes. A grosser attack is to send his tongue flying out and grabbing someone's neck. He can also have his fingers seep into a person's brain and mess with their minds.

He can also shape-shift, taking on a large and endless variety of forms. Thank god he rarely takes on an individual's appearance.

Being Darkness itself he can see into the minds, souls, and hearts of ALL beings. He can even send mental messages and images to them.

He can open portals of darkness either for transportation, or to summon his army!


All of the Authro Fighters. Espcially TemhotaTech.


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