to create new player put in new link in new players



TempUniv:Fell Skyhawk






Then put

Player Name(does not have to be MandoJedi name)

Played by:(star wars name in mando jedi)

Bank Credits:(start with 100 in bank and 10 pocket and you gain more)

Left Hand Item:(1Lrg or 1Sm)

Right Hand Item:(same or one twohanded item in both)

Clothing and Armor:(different clothing give you different pocket storage)

Backpack or other warable Storage Items:(if you have a type of backpack place BkPk in Clothing and items that are stored in there)

Pocket Storage:(number 1-Infinite, depending upon how manny pockets in clothing you have)

Pocket Credits:(must take out of credit bank, above, do not need pocket for this)

Left off in:(put place you left off in)

also create a charector template side thing with biological specs

In a planet city area you can build house or buy house, in which case you can store items in storage areas and in furniture in your home and also switch items. No One is allowed to touch anything in your house but you can make side missions in there and you can shelter people who are hiding, no killing alowed in house, house is safe place. Also if someone kills or knocks a player unconcious they can take there pocket credits, in a will players can put who bank credits go to. If player killed items on person go to killer, items in house go to will, player said to be decesed and above stats are blancked out and info like on Wookiepedia about charectors is put, there death or life can cause cool missions to apear like, finding the lost treasuer of "player"

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