John and Muteki

Round 2?

SPIDER2: Misses against Muteki

SPIDER1: 1-Hit 11-Damage against Muteki.

John: Casts Cure on Muteki for 23 HP. Muteki recovers from a near-death experience.

Muteki: 1-Hit 11-Damage against SPIDER1. Terminated.

[HP Update: John 49/53, Muteki 25/74. Please enter your commands against SPIDER2]

(Written by muteki)

"Thank you John. We need to defeat this spider as soon as possible." Muteki said after John's Cure spell healed his body and seemed to calm his mind. Although his hands were still shaking in fear.

Rounds 3?-4?

Muteki: 1-Hit 7-Damage against SPIDER2

SPIDER2: 1-Hit 12-Damage against John

John: 1-Hit 10-Damage against SPIDER2

SPIDER2: Misses against Muteki

Muteki: 1-Hit 8-Damage against SPIDER2

John: Misses against SPIDER2

Muteki: 1-Hit 14-Damage against SPIDER2. Terminated. Muteki breathes a sigh of relief at the dead spiders.

Victory: Party members gain 108 experience and 20 gold

[HP Update: John 37/53, Muteki 25/74]

Muteki and John tiptoe through the labyrinth, hoping to avoid battle for the sake of their diminished spell charges. They eventually arrive at one of the corners of the temple only to find a corpse with two slightly cracked but undamaged healing potions lying along side of it. They each take one as a ruccus begins in the distance.

Turning another corner, the two brave magi could barely make out HIM and Guy battling in the distance. Unfortunately, three skeletal warriors emerged from another pathway to intercept them. [Battle begins. Possible targets BONE1,2,3]

(written by muteki)

"Made of bones? At least you can blame your lack of intelligence on not having a brain. They were ahead of bone weapons back in the STONE Age!!" Muteki yelled while leaping at Bone1.

Battle ?

Muteki: 1-Hit 12-Damage against BONE1. The again dead bones collapse in a heap.

BONE3: 1-Hit 18-Damage against Muteki

John: 1-Hit 16-Damage against BONE2. Another heap of dead bones rattles against the floor.

John: 1-Hit 14-Damage against BONE3.

Victory: Party members gain 27 experience and 4 gold

[Please see HIM and Guy's section for story]

HIM and Guy

Guy: Casts Cure on himself for 16 HP

ZOMBIE4: 1-Hit 1-Damage against HIM

HIM: 1-Hit 20-Damage against ZOMBIE4. Terminated.

[HP Update: HIM 77/84, Guy 33/56]

Victory: Party members gain 108 experience and 20 gold

That sure was much harder with just two adventurers. The two of you can hear grunts and cries of pain from behind the gate. You can only hope John and Muteki are okay.

Moving forward, you reach a cell with a <first treasure of the quest> cap laying on the ground. HIM picks it up and brushes it off. It looks usable. Just then, you hear a familiar moaning from behind you. A zombie and a more powerful looking ghoul approach you.

(Written by goatfishman)

With no choice but to continue forward in an effort to make it back to their companions, Guy continued on with HIM. Coming to a door, Guy decided to wait at the door while HIM explored inside. Sure enough, as if to mock his lack of HARMing spells, a zombie and a corpse even more rotted and foul creeped towards him as he stood at his post. Looking back to alert HIM, Guy noticed an open treasure chest and a sturdy cap clutched in his hands. A nice find indeed. With the question of who would wear it up in the air, Guy gave a slight shrug, to indicate that he did not care who the owner of it would be. They had a more pressing issue at hand. Advancing to the undead, Guy faced the Zombie and attacked, hoping to finish the battle quickly and get back to their companions.

Round 1

Guy: Misses against ZOMBIE

GHOUL: 1-Hit 1-Damage against HIM

ZOMBIE: Misses against Guy

HIM: 1-Hit 13-Damage against GHOUL. The ghoul snickers eerily at its wound.

(written by Guy)

Guy mutters something under his breath sounding like "stupid agile dead thing." The zombie can be heard muttering "stupid agile living meal". Replanting his feet, Guy continues his assault on the zombie.

(written by HIM)

The weapon nearly bounced off of the undead creature. HIM had to take this thing done with a slightly different tactic in maneuvering. Perhaps forward thrusts where serve HIM better than arched slashes. His eyes concentrated on the horror, then HIM let his arms and blade do the rest of the talking.

Rounds 2-3

ZOMBIE: Misses against HIM

HIM: 1-Hit 18-Damage against GHOUL. A solid strike against the difficult foe.

GHOUL: 1-Hit 1-Damage against HIM

Guy: 1-Hit 17-Damage against ZOMBIE.

HIM: 1-Hit 18-Damage against ZOMBIE. Terminated with a second solid blow.

Guy: Critical! 1-Hit 24-Damage against ZOMBIE. The zombie wishes he was never reanimated.

Victory: Party members gain 117 experience and 31 gold

The four reunited adventurers attempt to unhinge the locked door leading to the evil voice but simply cannot gain entry. There is now no response from the other side. With no other options, you quietly return to Corneria with the intent of speaking to the King in the morning.

[Quest 6 Temple Detectives completed! You are now back in Cornelia while the arena battle finishes. Feel free to stay at the inn, etc.]

(Written by John)

Exhausted from his long trek through the temple, John thanks everyone for coming with him and heads over to the inn, to rest for the inevitable battle the next day.

(Written by muteki)

Muteki starts to wander around town again, waiting for his comrades to do their errands. But then he came across a particular looking well, but it turned out to be a normal well after all. : \ (afterwards he heads to report to the king with his comrades)

(Written by Guy)

Guy wanders around town, hoping he'll never ever have to see the undead again. He is sure that he won't, there simply cannot be that many zombies in the world. After contemplating both going to see the finale of the arena tournament (he doesn't), and selling his cap for some gold (his best offer was an old woman who complained that it smelled like mothballs, oddly enough Guy had the same complaint about her), he headed for the castle hoping to meet up with his companions along the way.

Continued in Save the Princess

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