Tempo Kids Club Videos is a Video Collection


  • SuperTed © Petalcraft Demonstrations TLD
  • Care Bears © Nelvana/SFM Entertainment
  • Dennis © Crawleys Animation
  • Tube Mice © Simon and Sara Bor/Honeycomb Animation
  • My Little Pony © Marvel Productions/Sunbow Productions
  • Telebugs © Telebugs Enterprises/Telemaginations Ltd
  • Action Force © Sunbow Productions/Marvel Productions
  • Inspector Gadget © DIC Entertainment/Nelvana/Tokyo Movie Shinsha/Cuckoo's Nest Studio
  • The Adventures of Tintin © Ellipse Programmé/Nelvana
  • Jem © Marvel Productions/Sunbow Productions
  • Transformers © Marvel Productions/Sunbow Productions
  • Fireman Sam © Prism Art & Design Ltd
  • Babar © Laurent de Brunhoff/Nelvana Limited
  • Spot © Eric Hill/Salspot/King Rollo Films Ltd
  • Wil Quack Quack © Siriol Animation for S4C
  • Bump © Bump Enterprises Ltd/CMTB Animation
  • Wimpole Village © Videola Ltd/Cameron Thomson Ent.
  • Chorlton and the Wheelies © Cosgrove Hall Productions Ltd/Thames Television
  • The Shoe People © James Driscoll
  • Paddington Bear © FilmFair Ltd 1975/Paddington & Company Ltd
  • The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show © Charles M. Schulz/United Feature Syndicate, Inc.
  • The Herbs © Michael Bond/FilmFair Ltd 1968
  • Huxley Pig © FilmFair Ltd 1989/Rodney Peppe

New Friends

  • Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles
  • The Raggy Dolls
  • Mr. T
  • He Man
  • Top Cat
  • The Get Along Gang
  • Thundercats
  • M.A.S.K
  • Moschops


  • SuperTed: Trouble In Space
  • Care Bears: The Magic Lamp
  • Dennis: It's Magic Time
  • Tube Mice: Mouses of Parliament
  • My Little Pony: Sweet Stuff
  • Telebugs: Danger
  • Action Force: Arise Serpentor Arise
  • Inspector Gadget: Gadget's Roma
  • The Adventures Of Tintin: Destination Moon
  • Jem: Magic and Music
  • Transformers: The Revenge Of Bruticus
  • Fireman Sam: Sam's Day Off
  • Babar: The Show Must Go On
  • Pre-School Favoureites Featuring Spot, Wimpole Village, Bump and Wil Quack Quack
  • Chorlton and the Wheelies: Some Like it Hot
  • The Shoe People: The Missing Jumble
  • Paddington Bear: Paddington Goes To School
  • The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show: Lucy Loves Schroeder
  • The Herbs: The Birthday Party
  • Huxley Pig: Huxley Pig Goes Camping
  • Bugs Bunny: The Wabbit Who Came To Supper

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