Ten Cents and Big Mac and Other Stories is a UK/AUS VHS release featuring eight first season episodes. It was rereleased in 1993 under the name Ten Cents and the Barges and Other Stories in the UK. The original release was simply titled Ten Cents the Tugboat and Friends.


  1. Ten Cents and Big Mac
  2. Hercules and Big Mac
  3. The Sad Story of Warrior
  4. Hercules, Big Mac and Warrior
  5. Ten Cents's TUG
  6. Ten Cents and the Barges
  7. Ten Cents and the Breakdown Crane
  8. Top Hat and the Ferrys


  • The 1985 Kaleidoscope and 1987 Australian releases of this video were simply called "Ten Cents the Tugboat and Friends".


  • The 1985 Kaleidoscope and 1991 Australian releases had a photo from Trouble in the Star Dock on the back cover, but that episode is not on the video.
  • The rereleased UK video has a photo from Warrior's Forest on the front and back cover, but that episode is not on this video.
  • The 1991 Australian cover has an image from Saved from Scrap, but that episode isn't featured on this release.
  • VCI also released a Sony Camcorder version.

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