Ten Cents and Puffa is a Episode from Ten Cents the Tugboat and Friends


  • Ten Cents as Thomas
  • Puffa as Bertie
  • The Goods Engine as Terence (Menotined)


Ten Cents and Puffa have a race.


  • Ten Cents; Hello Who Are You
  • Puffa; I'm Puffa who are you
  • Ten Cents; I'm Ten Cents I run this Barge
  • Puffa; So your Ten Cents Oh I Rember Now you're got stuck in the snow I Took your passengers and The Goods Engine pulled you out I've come you and your Passengers today
  • Ten Cents; Help Me I can go faster than you
  • Puffa; You Can't
  • Ten Cents; I Can
  • Puffa; I'll Race you

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