Tenkan's/HK-47's True Story

Quote: "Introduction: I am HK-47 Assassin Protocol Unit, is there a meatbag you wish disposed of, Master?"

HK-47 was a Hunter-Killer assassin droid and Jedi hunter constructed by Revan towards the end of the Mandalorian Wars to kill those who Revan believed would destabilize the Galaxy. Revan gave up the droid shortly before his redemption, and soon the droid went from owner to owner, many of whom he slew himself, before being unwittingly reunited with his master. The droid went on to help Revan destroy the Star Forge.

Later, HK-47 was damaged, and his schematics were stolen by the droid G0-T0 to produce HK-50 units. Five years later, the Jedi Exile repaired HK-47, who went on to defeat G0-T0 with help from the HK-50 droids he persuaded to join the Exile. Four millennias later, HK-47 was found on the planet Mustafar and given a new body. HK-47 turned on those who had created it for him by secretly constructing his own droid army, who were forced to disable HK-47's new droid army and the factory producing them. This battle climaxed in a showdown between these spacers and HK-47's best droids; the spacers won, though HK-47 escaped.HK-47 was extremely bloodthirsty, even for an assassin droid. He also made a habit of branding all organic lifeforms as "meatbags".

Life on Board

Quote: "Statement: I am experiencing a tingle of anger...and I do feel a tad humiliated."

HK-47 had his ways of assassination, and soon he found better ways of tracking down his 'targets'. The Galactic Wide Web known as the internet. He used this to mostly track down celebrities or nobles that he preferred dead...he succeeded in killing two known inter-galactic politicians.

Soon he accidentally followed a link that led him to a website known as forum . He was mused by it, and found it quite relaxing to spend time in a user-friendly website. He soon made many friends that he himself had feelings for, which not only tempered him mostly, but made him feel 'a tad humiliated'.

He joined this website in planet Earth's reconning April 7, 2007. He also, at spare times, played along with the members of the website (also known as He also was nominated in various categories in the early 2007 mock elections, taking categories of funniest member, peacemaker(Which HK-47 did not approve of), most easy going member, best avatar, best forum personality, most gullible, member of the year, most popular member, most awesome new member, most original member, most confusing member, and biggest complainer. After ten more months the second biannual mock elections started, having HK voted for in the categories of: most random, best avatar, best signature, most likely to win the Nobel Prize, most likely to be a famous actor, most likely to be a Broadway star, member of the year, nosiest member, most likely to be a janitor, most dramatic member, most gullible member...and he also got in first place to be the most original member and the funniest member.

Hearing these statements and gestures, HK-47 realized that there was more to life than his protocol, he changed dramatically...yet there still is a few percentage of HK in him, still.


Quote: "Observation: You are a meat-popsicle, Master."

Darth_Comrade, a nineteen year-old human, hacked into HK-47, when shut down after he crash-landed into the boys back-garden, and marked his name, not only to be HK-47, but as Tenkan. Darth_Comrade then, when finished, accidentally started up 'Tenkan'. Tenkan was then to be known as Darth_Comrade's 'slave droid'. Darth_Comrade never knew what the droids functions were from the begginng though.

Frugal Lucre's Droid

Quote: "Threat: Where is that meatbag?! I'll tear him limb from useless limb when I see him!"

After being abandoned by Darth_Comrade. Tenkan hastily left to find a new Master. A Master that is at least 1% more evil than Darth_Comrade. He searched and searched until he eventually found a 'meatbag' capable of taking care of him. Frugal Lucre was his name, an X-employee from the popular store known as Smarty Mart. Frugal Lucre was fired and arrested for attempting to 'destroy the internet'.

Although he wasn't stooped up to the level of Tenkan himself, he had no other choice than to claim Frugal Lucre as his own Master. After a few weeks, Tenkan was not happy. He was even as close as killing Frugal Lucre himself if it was not for the Kimmunity. Tenkan was feeling neglected, for Frugal Lucre found a love to a female human. And was treating Tenkan like a his point of veiw. After that experience Frugal left for some unknown reason...who knows when he will come back. And when he does. Tenkan will have HIS ways.

This is a picture of Tenkan, with his Motion Sensors inhanced and his chest with a mark sign the looks like 'FL'. FL=Frugal Lucre.

File:Http:// Cormboo/HK-47Isangry.jpg


Quote: "Exclamative: I see meatbags all over the place...feline meatbags, green meatbags, blue meatbags, even purple meatbags."

Tenkan's recent Master, is Milton, also known as Mego, a very known super hero member of the super hero team, Team Go. Mego devotes his time with the Kimmunity, and gives a fare share of time to Tenkan. Taken care of in an 'unbad' manner, as Tenkan would say. As much as Tenkan would make new friends, he will always have enough space for enemies.

The Giant Sandbox

Quote: "Commentary: This land is barren...dead...this is droid hell!"

A mythological land in the Easter Region of the middle of the world. The Giant Sandbox is mostly known to droids. A giant mass of flat sand. Where droids would think of it as hell, as Tenkan does.He and a few human companions are now in the horrible land of the Giant Sandbox.


Quote: "Answer: She is a link. A Link from assassination protocol droids to liquidious organic meatbags. Once my research is done with Mishka my protocols will be complete. Only then will I achieve ultimate knowledge over assassination!"

As Tenkan lives his trapped life in the Giant Sandbox, he realizes a young girl, about five years old, Mishka. At this rate HK-47 is lost to a pool of dreams. Ranting about stealing this little girl, and to train her to be his assassin companion. Tenkan's reaction was hostile, he has never seen such a young and uneducated(In his view) 'infant'. He, until now, is attempting to convince the little girl to become his apprentice, or steal her himself.

He fails countless of times. Mishka's mother is always keeping an eye on Mishka. And so is Tenkan's Master. Not even his own Master would allow Tenkan to take Mishka for his own needs and wants. Tenkan whimpers at his failures.

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