Terence/Babar are parodies with Terence the Tractor and Friends clips and Babar audio.


  • Peter Sam as Young Babar
  • Molly as Young Celeste
  • Rusty as Young Arthur
  • Derek as Adoult Babar
  • Mavis as Adoult Celeste
  • Bulgy as Adoult Arthur
  • Terence as Pom
  • Madge as Flora
  • Bertie as Alexcander
  • Lady as Isabelle
  • Edward as Cornelius
  • Luke as Pompadour
  • Skarloey as Young Zephir
  • Henry as Adoult Zephir
  • Isobella as Madame
  • Diesel as Lord Rataxes
  • Judge Judy the Diesel as Lady Rataxes
  • Izzy Gnomez (from TUGS) as Victor
  • Gordon as Basil
  • James as Trompadour
  • Murdoch as Truffles
  • Jeremy as Andre
  • The Spiteful Brakevan as The Hunter
  • Oliver as Badou
  • Cranky as Crocodylus (Cranky and Crocodylus both start with C + Cranky was a Real Villain in Season 5)

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