"Terence the Tractor" is the seventh episode of the first season.


  1. Cue Ball Cat
  2. Thomas Terence and The Snow
  3. Diesel Devoius Deed
  4. Diesel Does It Again
  5. Thomas And The Trucks
  6. Edward Epoilt
  7. Passgers and Poilsh
  8. All At Sea


  1. Thomas Anthem
  2. Accidents Will Happen

Opening Prevlirews

  1. Flb Warining
  3. Vci Carnival Promo
  4. Thomas Land Chirstmas
  5. Day Out With Thomas Trailer 2004
  6. Thomas And Friends intro
  7. Frist few Seconds thomas we love you

Closing Prevlirews

  1. Last few seconds cue ball cat
  2. The End Logo
  3. MGM Tom and Jerry
  4. Strand Home Video Logo (1993 1994)

Opening Previlers

  1. Flb Warining
  2. ABC Austraing Video Logo
  3. Britt Allcfort 1990
  4. New TAF TMS Intro
  5. Frist Few Sceonds Thomas Terence And The Snow

Closing Previlrews

  1. Last Few Sceonds Diesel Does It Again
  2. Thomas and Friends Season 5 Outro

Opening Previlrews

  1. Strand Vci Flb Warining
  2. Universal Logo
  3. Britt Allcfort Presents
  4. Original Thomas Opening
  5. First few Seconds Thomas and the trucks

Closing Previlrews

  1. Last few seconds all at sea
  2. Thomas The Tank Engine Season 4 Outro
  3. The Lion Of Sodor DVD Trailer
  4. Calling All Engines DVD Ad
  5. Vci Productions Indet

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