(2122-2290 CE) This space exploration treaty was signed in Washington, DC by the three northern superpowers was the enabling document for the manned exploration of the potential colony worlds. The treaty was signed by the heads of state of Japanese - Korean Economic Union, United States of the Americas, and the new European Federation (EF) on March 23, 2122CE. The Compact called for collaboration on a spacecraft design, crew selection, and launch sequence for the 238 potential colony worlds.

Multinational corporations were solicited to become signatories to the Compact. The businesses agreed to fund equally with the nations, and in return the multinationals received the opportunity to bid for rights to concessions on planets found suitable for colonization.

The Compact and its administrative arm – the Terra Nova Consortium –successfully launched 238 exploratory missions, surveyed 232 exosolar planets, confirmed 23 potential colony worlds, and lost only nine surveyships and 342 crew. In 159 years the compact had laid an invaluable foundation upon which to build a human galactic civilization. The transfer of dominion over outworld programs from the Compact to the Charter Convention in 2290CE saw the Compact pass into history.

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