(2122-2292 CE) The groundswell of public opinion in favor of confirming life on other planets of other stars prompted the major national space agencies and organizations to establish the Terra Nova Consortium. The consortium’s initial mission was to launch probes to investigate the Origins I Survey candidates. When the Origins II Survey was complete, the consortium launched probes to investigate the planets identified in that survey. With signing of the Terra Nova Compact in 2122 CE, the consortium was revamped to include multinational businesses and re-missioned to administer the design, construction, crew selection, and launch of the exploratory missions. The Terra Nova Institute was assigned to be the repository for all exploratory findings and data – as it had been for the data returned from the Origins I and II probes.

The Consortium made a third metamorphoses in 2300 CE when it became a department within the Charter Convention’s Colonial Office.

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