Terra White and the Seven Animals Trailler/Transcript

  • Bugs Bunny: Hi-Ho
  • Narrator; It you Favitor Jsrashad moive of all time
  • All Together: Hi-Ho
  • Narrator: It the one you be wating for
  • All Together: Hi-ho hi-ho
  • Narrator: And now it fanily come to home video
  • All Together: Hi-ho hi-ho
  • Narrator: Jsrashadpicture Master Pince Terra White and the Seven Animals
  • All Together: Ho-way
  • Narrator: It a Classic Story of a beautful princess
  • Coco Labouf: Who is the feriset one of all
  • Cell: Terra White
  • Coco Labouf: Terra White
  • Narrator: The evil coco labouf who will stop at nothing to derstory her
  • Mamm-ra: The Poison Apple has a bit then i be the feriset of the land
  • (Thunder)
  • Bugs Bunny: Coco labouf
  • All Together: Terra White
  • Narrator: And the Seven Animals Who came to Rescure
  • Daffy Duck: We got to save her
  • (Terra Scream)
  • (Thunder)
  • Narrator: It the first time on video for Terra White Tazz Bugs Bunny Pokey Pig Donkey Daffy Duck
  • Daffy Duck: Heh
  • Narrator: Young Simba and
  • Tails: HI HE HO HI HE HUMP
  • Narrator: Tails
  • Tails: Hu Shuuuuuuuuuuuu
  • Narrator: Now you can exspirt it of all the magic
  • Daffy Duck: Much
  • Narrator: And all the fun
  • (Stomp)
  • Narrator: Of the Greatest Animton Mostty Picture of all time Jsrashadpictures Preset the Classic Terra White and the Seven Animals Coming Soon on Youtube

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