The Terran confederation has several colonies.

Colony types

  • Mining Colony
  • Refining Colony
  • Farming Colony
  • Military Installation
  • Intelligence Installation
  • Civilian Outpost
  • Research Installation
  • Penal Colony
  • Trading Outpost
  • Recreation Colony

Main Colonies

  • Elba II asylum(Prison Colony)
  • Tantalus Colony(Prison Colony)
  • Dorvan V Colony (Civilian Outpost)
  • Genome Colony (Civilian Outpost)
  • Tau Cygna V (Civilian Outpost)
  • Caldos Colony (Farming Colony)
  • Deneva Colony (Civilian Outpost)
  • Earth Colony (Mining Colony)
  • Earth Colony II (Research Installation)
  • Cygnia Minor Colony (Farming Colony)
  • Earth Colony 5 (Intelligence Installation)
  • Lunar Colonies (2 Civilian Outposts, 3 Farming Colonies, 1 military Installation)
  • Martian Colonies (1 Civilian City, 1 Trading Outpost, 1 Recreation Colony)
  • New Berlin Colony (Civilian Outpost)
  • New France Colony (Mining Colony)
  • New Paris Colonies (4 Military Installations, 1 Farming Colony, 1 Mining Colony)
  • New Providence Colony (Civilian Outpost)
  • Omicron Theta Colony (Mining Colony)
  • Proxima colony (Refining Colony)
  • Alpha Centauri Colony (Civilian Outpost)
  • Strnad colony (Intelligence Installation)
  • Terra Nova colony (Farming Colony)
  • Vega Colony (Civilian Outpost)

Other Colonies

  • Ajilon Prime Colony (2 Civilian Outposts, 1 Recreation Outpost)
  • Aldebaran Colony (Military Installation)
  • Archanis IV colony (Military Installation)
  • Archer IV colony (Farming Colony)
  • Arvada III colony (Trading Outpost)
  • Barisa Prime colony (Refining Colony)
  • Benecia colony (Recreation Colony)
  • Beta VI colony (Farming Colony)
  • Campor colony (Military Installation)
  • Cerberus colony (Farming Colony)
  • Cestus III colony (Civilian Outpost)
  • Coltar IV colony (Farming Colony)
  • Delta Rana IV colony (Research Installation)
  • Galen IV colony (Civilian Outpost and Farming Colony)
  • Gamma Hydra IV colony (Research Installation)
  • Gault colony (Farming Colony)
  • Iadara colony (Trading Outpost)
  • Ivor Prime colony (Civilian Outpost)
  • Janus VI colony (Mining Colony)
  • Juhraya colony (Civilian and Trading Outpost)
  • Kessik IV colony (Civilian Outpost)
  • Manzar colony (Farming Colony)
  • Melona colony (Civilian Outpost)
  • MS I colony (Research Installation)
  • Nehru colony (Refining Colony)
  • Norpin colony (Civilian Outpost)
  • Omicron colony (Farming Colony)
  • Ophiucus III colony (Trading Outpost)
  • Penthara IV colony (Civilian Outpost)
  • Planet Q colony (Civilian Outpost and Farming Colony)
  • Quadra Sigma III colony (Mining Colony)
  • Setlik III colony (Civilian Outpost)
  • Taranko colony (Farming Colony)
  • Tarsus IV colony (Civilian Outpost)
  • Tendara colony (Trading Outpost)
  • Triacus colony (Research Installation)
  • Turkana IV colony (Civilian Outpost and Trading Outpost)

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