Terror uses the fears of the monsters to make them fearful and coward.

What its meant to do...

Basically make your target hit and run, like a tofu.

  • Level 1 = 2 turns.
  • Level 2 = 3 turns.
  • Level 3 = 5 turns.
  • Level 4 = 7 turns.
  • Level 5 = 10 turns.

Current Bugs

  • State coward doesn't seem to work on most enemies.

Is it useless?

The whole spell doesn't always work. The best damn animation in the game though. Impress your friends while playing the plucky comic relief that all pandas a relegated too. Use it for fun to amaze the noo.... Astrubians.

Also as noted by Hoobry, you do not get a ranged attack until much later in the game. If the spell does work properly, you are going to have to chase it down. Have fun.

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