The guys children gets bet for scare story party halloween, Scare Story Bolts 1. Bed Killer, Scare Story Diana 2. The Wizard Child of Oz, and end Scare Story Jenny 3. Scared Vampire, as bet scare story halloween´s party.



  • The second time that the guys scare story as first time "Terror Tale Members Gang".
  • Bolts wear Hero or Villain Dr. Blood , Diana wear Witch, Lennie wear pirate and Jenny wear princess.
  • Gajah not appearance because Bolts scare story as July and until september/october.
  • The second time that Justin´s cousin call Jonathar as Link´s fake.
  • The second time that Thomas´s house party as blood destroy house as Zeke blame.
  • Vampire and friends loves similars Twilight.
  • Party Scared similars Scared Movie.
  • The Wizard of Oz Child similars The Wizard of Oz.
  • The first time that become ghost.
  • The Second time that Diana wear dorothy.
  • the first time that scare story by Bolts, Diana and Jenny.
  • The second time that stupid bet as first time "Replaced".
  • The third time see ghost as first time "Class Servant" and second time "Hi Five Ghost"
  • the first time that The guys run to Jack and clones Jack as fake.
  • The second time that Bolts almost die and saved Bolts enter all gang and all gang kill to Bed Johnny as first time "Mystery".
  • The first time that Bolts to catch him bed as monsters bed is Johnny.
  • The first time that not scared story as Vampire and friends loves, Party Scared and The Wizard of Oz Child as pranks without scared storyless.
  • The first time that scared story real is Ghost´s Kill House, Bolts´s Bed Evil and Clones Jack as fake.
  • Scared Story Scenes see similars Regular Show Terror Tale of the Park III.
  • The first time that scared story real is Bed Killer, The Wizard Child of Oz and Scared Vampire as real.  

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