Name: Terwo Labos
Race: Human
Birthplace: Uyter
Gender: [Male
Age: 29 Standard Years
Affiliation: Jedi Order
Side of the Force: Light
Occupation: Jedi Knight
Force Affinity: 3.5

Physical Description

At 1.8 meters tall (5'11"), and at a modest 72.57 kilograms (160 lb), Terwo Labos smacks of the athlete. Or the typical Jedi.

Psychological Description

Though somewhat intense in appearance, Labos is one of the most laid-back Jedi in the Order. He has artistic leanings, and an ear for music; because of his two beloved pastimes, he obsesses over detail (some will describe him as overly analytical), and is a very good tracker, with eyes and ears open for what should and shouldn't be. He is also somewhat mechanically inclined; unfortunately, his aptitude for experimentation has lost several small transports to the Order. He is a being of few words, though he possesses a sarcastic and sometimes cynical sense of humor. Once he has finally decided on a course of action (this process can take as long as several weeks, according to some acquaintances), he seeks the most efficient way of executing it, damning the cost. Rumor has it that he once tapped Dark Force and took hostages to resolve a border dispute on Corulag. Whether or not this is true is uncertain; he was the only Jedi involved, his personal account was deemed unreliable, and witness accounts vary widely. Regardless, his flair for the unorthodox has made him quite unpopular with what he regards as the "stagnant, close-minded" majority of the Order. He is very easily annoyed.

Favored Force Uses

Terwo's most notable uses of The Force consist of concealing illusions, essentially a form of Mind Trick.


Labos carries twin lightsabers and is proficient in Soresu. He is currently experimenting with two personal forms. The first is a fluid, sweeping, stabbing form falling somewhere between Shien and Ataru. The second form is related to the Jar'Kai two-bladed form. Most of the Jedi he has sparred with regard him as extremely dishonorable in battle; he uses distraction and deception to his advantage, as well as unorthodox attacks that are generally frowned upon by the Order. It is notable that his lightsabers contain internal activation switches; in order to use them, they must be activated by disassembly or The Force.


Terwo is extremely proficient in situational analysis, often finding shortcuts and loopholes that might not necessarily make life easier, but get the job done faster. He also fairly unpredictable in combat thanks to his personal lightsaber styles.


Terwo tends to overanalyze the situation, and often becomes locked into a single-tracked mindset. Unknown factors annoy him to no end; if he doesn't know anything about it, nothing will be done until he does. Extensively (the general opinion in the Council leans toward "paranoid"). He is best paired with a partner who is capable of seeing the broader hologram and acting on the present.


Terwo Labos is the son of Corellian grain farmers on Uyter. Neither of his parents were Force-sensitive, though his mother did hail from Jedi ancestry. He was discovered and taken to the Temple on Dantooine, where he was trained to full Knighthood, with frequent side trips to the main Temple on Coruscant, under Master Gamob. He spent a year traveling the Core worlds, and somehow got caught up in a civil war on Duro. On the advice of the Council, he made his way off-planet and continued his travels. Shortly after attaining Knighthood, just before his twenty-fifth birthday, he returned to Coruscant and began developing personal lightsaber forms; he claims to have completed one. He spent the following standard year tracking down and breaking up various gangs in the underlevels of Coruscant, sometimes taking other Knights and Padawans with him. One incident with a Kiffar gangster prompted him to build a second lightsaber and learn to use it, as well as develop another personal form.

Following his campaign in the underlevels of Coruscant, he became a substitute combat instructor for Initiates; the Council was understandably leery of giving him this position, as "regular" instructors are constantly in and out of the Temple. Later, he began to offer informal lectures and forums on personal lightsaber forms. Only a handful show up to each one, and Council Masters are strictly forbidden to attend them.

This went on for a while, until he was tapped by the Council to accompany an apprentice and two other Knights to Rhen Var on a fact-finding mission. The apprentice, who was also the mission commander, was killed in battle with Lord Grukh of the Sith. Terwo saw to it that the team was safely evacuated from the planet.

He was then immediately sent to Muunilist to help defuse a terrorist situation; though the hostages he was sent to rescue were saved, the terrorists still managed to blow up a minor banking tower in the planet's capital city.

Shortly after his return to Coruscant, he was assigned to a task force under Bastila Shan to investigate a disturbance in the Force in the levels below the Temple. The group discovered a nine hundred year-old Sith held in stasis; a Gray Knight that had tagged along took it upon himself to release the Sith. He briefly confronted a fellow Knight who was being influenced by the Sith, then led the chase through the upper levels of Coruscant. The group cornered the Sith in a weapons shop and convinced him to surrender to the authority of the Jedi Council.

The next year left Terwo in the Dantooine enclave as a combat instructor before he was put back on the active mission roster. Most of these missions were starfighter-based traffic interdiction operations that were instrumental in bringing down a pirate armada threatening Ord Mantell.

He flew cover for the Jedi transports during the exile from Coruscant, and followed most of the Order to Tatooine. There, he became the sole quartermaster of the Order, seeing to the day-to-day operational needs, and serves as a combat instructor to the younglings. Outside of the Order's facilities, he was a Corellian shipper named Thacker Gamb, one of the many personas he had created for himself during his covert operations on Coruscant.


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