Tessie Bear and the Seven Animals

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  • Snow White-Tessie Bear [Noddy]
  • The Prince-Noddy [Noddy]
  • Doc-Baloo [The Jungle Book]
  • Bashful-Young Simba [The Lion King]
  • Sneezy-Timon [The Lion King]
  • Sleepy-Sooty [Sooty's Amazing Adventures]
  • Happy-Pumbaa [The Lion King]
  • Dopey-Dumbo [Dumbo]
  • Grumpy-Bagheera [The Jungle Book] (both grumpy)
  • The Forest Animals-Disney/Non-Disney Animal Characters
  • The Slave of the Magic Mirror-Sweep [Sooty's Amazing Adventures]
  • Humbert the Huntsman-Mr. Plod {Noddy]
  • The Wicked Queen-Miss Pink Cat [Noddy]
  • The Old-Hag Witch-Martha Monkey [Noddy]
  • The Raven-Iago [Aladdin]
  • The Vultures-Golden Eagles [Thomas And Friends]

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