Teton overhead

Teton Overhead Imagery

Teton National Flag

Teton flag

The flag symbolizes the light of Ursideanism illuminating the darkness inherent to the world.

Officially the Ursidean Republic of Teton.

Ne teton

Northeastern Teton

Member state of the Tokamak Council along with Alkali and North Teton

Capital – Peyote

Teton, a developing economy, is prosperous by Third World standards.

Language – Tokamaki. The dialect spoken in Teton is considered to be the correct and classical form of Tokamaki – somewhat similar to the idea of the King’s English.


The government of Teton is judged to be relatively stable, though fundamentalist Ursideanists have been expanding their influence among the population.

President, Ursine Republic of Teton - Yugurt Tookanrawi

Vice President, Tajip Mofetni

Minister of War, Xakness Kupenit

Minister of the Interior, Ranfo Ulava. The Interior Minister is responsible for security and intelligence.

Minister of External Affairs, Lenwardo "Wardo" Mogta.

Vice Minister of External Affairs, Kanfot Pedarunk. Responsible for relations with Tresidia and Orecal.

Vice Minister of External Affairs, Strela Mindogi. Responsible for relations with Jakistan. Replaced the assassinated Xogtah Shnuroke. Mrs. Mindogi's command of the Jakistani language if far inferior to that of Professor Shnuroke. Nevertheless, she now functions as Ambassador to Jakistan for the Tokamak Council. She is now also the Chairperson of the School of Jakistan Studies at Triskan University in Kondodrav.


While Tetonian society is tribal in nature, tribal identity is much less important to the majority of the population than was true in the past. The change has been attributed to forces commonly found in emerging semi-industrialized societies- rural populations migrating to the cities in search of better economic conditions and taking industrial jobs.

Tribalism remains of extreme importance in northwestern Vya Province. The tribes are more religiously oriented than is Teton's general population - the situation is similar to that found in Alkali. The tribes living in the province are fierce, independent and owe only the most minimal allegiance to the central government. Unlike the other provinces, Vya has no central, provincial government. Instead each tribe controls its own traditional lands.

Involvement in Revod

The tribes do not recognize the Teton-North Teton border as legitimate; nor do they accept the Teton-Tresidia border, at least in the Revod area.

Support among the tribes for the Defenders of Ursidae (DU) has been on the increase over the last decade or so. This was precipitated by the Proforda 6, 2007 terrorist attack, conducted by the Parsini-oriented Jimjam, which resulted in the death of a number of Teton military personnel on a humanitarian assistance mission in Orecal. It is known that some Teton nationals have crossed the border to take part in DU operations. Crossborder movement can be difficult as it is not as porous as the inter-Tetonian frontier.

Teton intelligence believes that DU cells are forming in the tribal area. There have been a few thefts of small arms, ammunition and explosives from Teton military facilities in the northwest. Reporting indicates that limited amounts military items are being smuggled, on a continuing basis, across the border to supply the DU.

Teton Tribal DU

DU Intel Passed to Tresidia Skirta tetoni

Tribes Vya Province

Members of all tribes are to be found in southwestern North Teton and the Revod region of Tresidia.






Prior to the arrival of the Ursidean berzerka (circa 950) the tribal indigenes of what is now Teton, North Teton and Alkali were adherents of the bear cult now confined to the Ni'Mushi.

12,000 years ago the Tokamak region was inhabited by nomadic big game hunters inhabited about. Some of the inhabitants became more settled and built permanent habitations approximately 5000 years ago; the bow and arrow came into use 1500 years ago.

By the 1700s the Pa’Varsay moiety of the Ni’Mushi was well established in the northern regions. The Pa’Shushana moiety held sway in the plains and mountains of the south, though population density was much less than in the North.

The Ni'Mushi were forced to abandon lower elevation after a decades long resistance against the Ursidean Berzerka beginning in the 950s.

Battle of Yengir

Mushan resistance was never completely overcome. The Mushan retreated to higher elevations of the Tokamak range after the Battle of Yengir (located in southwestern North Teton).

The first railroad in the Tokamak region was built in Teton (which at this time included the mineral- rich region of present day North Teton) during the late 1800s. Now the minerals that the mines were producing could be shipped abroad. Many rural inhabitants, including a fair number of Mushan, sought work in railroad construction.

Teton Armed Forces

The Army is comprised of mechanized infantry battalions. There are small number of towed artillery units and a tank corps - 5 companies. One squadron of mixed light and medium lift rotary wing aircraft provide limited airmobility.

The Air Force has no firstline figher aircraft.

There are three fighter squadrons and two transport squadrons. 5 Czech-built Zlin Z 143 general aviation aircraft provide a reconnaisance capability.

Teton Order of Battle

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