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37th Inf Bn (Mech)

BN CDR – LTC Ayvor Salminad

XO – MAJ Trejup Kanab (Distant Relative of Xeffer Kanab - Chairman Alkaline Council of the Five Brothers )

BN SGT MAJOR – Lenjup Volkansin

Companies (4)

1. Avror

CO CDR – CPT Fronat Frendis

XO - 1LT Waldin Stovokor

3 subordinate platoons

2. Enor

CO CDR – CPT Vastin Shones

XO - 2LT Yersini A. Pestis. May be a “fast burner” in the making, assigned as XO despite still being only a 2LT. This has been the cause of some tension/envy within the Enor company and even in the battalion as a whole.

3 subordinate platoons

3. Panota

CO CDR – CPT Asumahn Twan

XO - 1LT Shamoose Zinn

3 subordinate platoons

4. Yengir

CO CDR – Zoxen (Zoshen) Mandull

XO 1LT – Pret Fontani

3 subordinate platoons

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