Involvement of northwestern Teton tribes in The Defenders of Ursidae - Revod Crisis:

Wyhoe Tribe - Tribal leader Xento F'gaazo is known to support the Defenders of Ursidae (DU). Reporting indicates that he encourages young tribal members to associate themselves with the DU.

Xamissa Droman, an extremist Beornist cleric, urges tribal members to support the DU, to include the possibility of becoming a berserker, through sermons in his Church of Surtr (Tzorka Surtr) in the Vya, capital Vya Province. Droman is reportedly funneling donation to both local DU cells and DU proper in the Revod region of Tresidian.

Margosaa Tribe

Tsoq’ing Tribe

Kerlat Tribe

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