Tetris Attack - Kevin Whitney Edition is a fan-fiction videogame created by Pikachufreak.


  • In this parody of Tetris Attack, the game resolves on Kevin Whitney. He, his 14 opponents Joey Wheeler, Goku, Mitchie Ohara, Skeeter Valentine, Kimiko Tohomiko, Zak Saturday, Lexi Bunny, Shaggy Rogers, Riff Raff, The Greaser Dogs, Dr. Eggman, Eddy, Sam Simpson and Virgil Hawkins and his 12 new characters Meilin Rae, Presley Carnovan, Scott Jones, Molly Wei, Miguel Santos, Kwame, Suzanna, Alexander Cabot, Joe Arthur, Will Vandom, Agent J and Becky Botsford have joined forces with Dorie Goodwyn, Zoey Hanson, Corina Bucksworth, Bridget Verdant, Kikki Benjamin and Renee Roberts. Together, they face Ally Williams, Samantha Rivers, Mushra, Mel Blake, Roxanne Miles, Tooty The Elephant, Sakura Avalon, Madison Taylor, Chazz Princeton, Iggy Koopa, Ben Tennyson, Jack Spicer, Rastis Joelson, Fox McCloud, Brydgett Helway, Rex Salazar, Tommy Pickles, Annie Roberts, Abbigal Robinson, Lillian Wheeler, Lloyd Nebulon, Milo Kamalani, Ed, Double D, Ryuga, Spike Bourne, Kaiser Gray and Doji. The game has 2 modes: VS. Mode which has 12 stages and Challenge Mode which has 16. It was released on May 17, 2004 for the Gamecube.


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