Jivio's crossover of Texas Pete and the Crow Brothers


  • Jimmy Hibbert, David Jason and Barry Clayton as the Crow Brothers
  • (none) as Texas Pete
  • (none) as Bulk
  • (none) as Skeleton
  • and More

== Crew ==

* Superted and Count Duckula Crossover Edited by: JIVIO

* Superted Characters Created by Mike Young

* Count Duckula Characters Created by Cosgrove Hall

* Footage from Episodes: Superted and the City of the Dead, No Sax and Music Please We're Egyptian

* Superted Footage Provided by JIVIO

* Count Duckula Footage Provided by StarbugProductions and CraneProductions27

* TUFF Puppy Footage Copyrighted by Nick

* Count Duckula Footage Copyrighted by Cosgrove Hall Cartoons


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