Thailand Cody       Is A 2002 American Drama Live Action Film Released By Cody Flasche Pictures It's His 28th Full Length Cody Film Released Date: Friday July 19, 2002 With The Voices Of Cody W. Flasche & Barney The Dinosaur Directed By Micheal Franti & Music By Henry Rollins & William Kern Running Time: 88 Minutes


In The Lake Of Thailand For The Night The Man Saw The Eagle & Black Ship Is Coming Then The Man Told Thier Mans To Put Fire In The Great Big Gold Bowl For The Signal Then The Man Saw Vicar The Villian & The Guards Then The Man Told Vicar About Thailand Welcomes Then At The Grand Palace The Solider Told The King Name Bhumibol Adulyadej The Ninth King Rama About The Hunters Are Here In Thailand Then Cody Wake Up In The Morning To Tell A Black Cat Name Gigi Then Cody's Father Name Sayan Has Taking The Horse Name Miya Then Cody's Mother Name Hyza & Cody's Grandmother Name Elavi To Find Cody Then Cody Saw Hyza Then They Sing "Happy Good For Thailand" Then Cody Meets Cyova The Teaching Think Then Cody Saw A Bug Name Flik Then Then Cyova Has Mad At Cody Then Cody Sing "How Can I Be Doing This" Then Cody Saw The Solider Are Telling For The Camp Of Thailand For Honor For The Hunters Has Come Then Cody Tell Him To Sayan Can't Go Then Cody Tell Sayan To Not Going To Camp Then Cody Take Miya The Horse Then Sayan, Hyza & Elavi Saw Cody's His Gone Then The Ghost Of Buddha Yodfa Chulaloke Tell Barney To Waking Then Barney Ring The Bell For 7 Ghost Of King Rama's Then Barney Tell The Stone Dragon To Wake Up Then Barney Saw A Flik The Bug To Take Barney To See Cody Then At The Mountains Vicar And The Guards Saw Those Men Then Cody Saw Barney Then Cody Went To The Camp Of Thailand Then Cody Meets Zayi The One Who Teaching The Soliders Then Ziya Sing "Honor The Thailand" Then Vicar Saw The Doll Then Cody Went To Swim In The Pool In Thailand Then Solider Told Him For A Message From The Mountains Then They Sing "Up The Great Mountains" Then They Saw The Tent Has Destroyed In The Mountains By The Hunters Then The Soliders Saw The Hunters Then Cody Shot With The Cannon Ball Then The Mountain Shaking Then Cody Saving Zayi Then Cody Got Bleed By Vicar Then Zayi Saw A Littile Boy Then They Went To The Grand Palace Without Cody Then Cody Can't Be A Solider Then Cody Saw The Hunters Going To The Grand Palace Then Cody Going To Save The Place Then Cody Tell Zayi About The Hunters Are In The City Then They Going To Meet Bhumibol Then Vicar's Guards Kidnapped Bhumibol Then He Meet Vicar For The Grand Palace Then Zayi Saving The King From Vicar Then Vicar Getting Cody Then Barney Getting Some Fireworks Then Cody Got Barney To Get Off The Roof Then The Fireworks Blow Up Vicar Then Cody Meets Bhumibol To Thank To Cody Then Sayan Saw Cody To Thank To Cody Then Hyza & Elavi Saw Cody Then Zayi Come To Tell Cody To Hug Then Barney Had A Party For Thailand Then Cody Was Happy To Barney...

Home Media

Thailand Cody Was On Cody's Masterpiece Collection On VHS & DVD On Tuesday March 4, 2003

Thailand Cody Was On Cody's Gold Classic Collection On VHS & DVD On Tuesday March 2, 2004

Thailand Cody Special Edition DVD Was On Tuesday November 25, 2008     

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