Name: Thanatos
Race: Human
Birthplace: Ord Janon
Gender: Male
Age: 31
Affiliation: Karet Dominion, Legio Pergatus
Side of the Force: Dark
Occupation: Patron of the Legio Pergatus
Force Affinity: 3(4)

Physical Description

Thanatos is not a tall man, reaching only around 5’5”, unlike Lord Janus however he does not attempt to exert his presence over a room through his appearance, rather he allows his actions to do the talking. As a result he is usually seen in a variation upon the Cleansing Legion uniform, often wearing military boots shined to a high sheen, black pants and a red shirt, it is here that it varies from the traditional purple of the Cleansing Legion dress uniform. Over this he wears a three-quarter body length coat, as much to hide his weapon as it is to keep him warm.

His body has been hardened following several campaigns with the Cleansing Legion, preferring to be a frontline leader he does carry some small scars under his chin from a grenade blast. Otherwise his face carries the effects of many months spent in deserts, tundra, jungle and wherever else the heretics he hunted chose to hide themselves. His body carries its own scars from these campaigns but nothing that would be noticeable unless one was to strip him down, something I don’t think anyone would be game enough to do.

Psychological Description

Separated from his parents at a young age Thanatos he ‘knew’ two things for his entire life, that he is the son of a God and it is his birthright to eventually rule over the Karet Dominion as God. As a child he was fed these lies to ensure that his beliefs and the beliefs of the populous of the Karet Dominion were kept in order. Upon reaching an age where Lord Janus felt he could understand the nature of their relationship and the nature of his future role he was informed. With this revelation Thanatos came to several conclusions, the first of these was a resentment towards Janus for the lies and loss of his family, the second was the realization of his own mortality, the third was the realization of Lord Janus’ mortality and as a result of the third a realization that the power of the Karet Dominion was his with the death of Lord Janus.

With this as a new goal and focus he began to focus himself on learning the combat arts and the application of the Force to this. Through this he learnt great discipline and patience, as well as a certain fearlessness, why be afraid of something you can simply destroy. A certain tenacity also drives him, difficult to convince to give up, some would call him stubborn, though really it’s a matter of perspective. He solely desires to see his goals achieved and ultimately the power of the Dominion as his to command.

While displaying a certain brutality in his measures as his power grows Thanatos also realizes that he cannot attain power without support, unlike Janus who chose to rule through fear and blind obedience Thanatos is developing a respect and faith in those around him, those that will support him during his rise to the throne. He has no qualms about executing people for their failings, in fact he sees it as a necessary method of ensuring discipline, alternatively though he encourages a certain amount of originality amongst his people. Initiative, as long as it does not constitute heresy, is encouraged within his command, blind obedience, he believes, courts stagnation and collapse.

Favored Force Uses

Telekinesis, Speed, Enhanced strength, much of his focus in using the Force has been on personal combat, only recently has he begun to develop his use of the Force to enhance his abilities as a leader of men. At the moment these abilities are still rudimentary.


Thanatos carries a typical bronze single bladed lightsaber, simple and efficient, once he ascends to the rank of Karet Lord he will inherit the Karet Blade. He is also quite a handy shot with a blaster.


While he is a leader he is a poor politician and diplomat, often putting noses out of joint with his manner. A soldier through and through he could tell you a hundred different ways to kill an enemy commander but ask him to engage that person in a civil conversation and negotiate a cease-fire and he’d be lost.


Plotting the downfall of Janus, Developing contacts within the Sith Empire, Managing the Legio Pergatus.

Personal History

Selection as the Successor

Thanatos was born to a rather plain and ordinary family on Ord Janon, the second of three children, a father who worked in a factory and a mother who worked nights as a cleaner to make ends meet. Of course his birth name was not Thanatos, but that is irrelevant, taken when he was three for as long as he can remember he has been called by that name and that is all that he desires to be called by. He was taken during a visit to the planet by Lord Janus to witness the opening of the Templum Iani. By taken it is meant that he was removed from his family at the behest of Sith God, Lord Janus, and his family, both nuclear and extended murdered. This may sound brutal but it is the way the Chain of Gods is maintained, the way the Karet Dominion has remained stable for millennia.

Once removed from his family Thanatos was taken to the Karet Dominion capital system of Dubrillion, he was not kept on the capital however, rather he was maintained in a secret facility on the nearby planet of Destrillion. Hidden here, obscured from the prying eyes of heretics and believers, enemies and fellow Sith alike, Thanatos was raised, in the belief that he was the son and soul heir to the throne of the Karet Dominion. Visited often by Lord Janus this belief was reinforced through indoctrination in the uses of he Force and training in the methods of the Lords of the Karet Dominion.

This situation was maintained until the boy reached the age of sixteen, those that were required to continue his training and education, be they teachers, swordmasters or leading generals, were removed from the general populous. Once they understood what was intended of them, to teach and train the son of Lord Janus, most acted with little need for persuasion, such was the honour. Regardless, they and their families were killed once their usefulness had been outlived. None in the general populous were to know of the boy, he was to be introduced to the people as a fully formed being, created by Lord Janus to continued the Chain of Gods.

The True Nature of Things

Just prior to his sixteenth birthday Lord Janus revealed to the boy the true nature of his power, the true nature of the Dominion and Thanatos’ role within that. Needless to say the boy took it rather hard, vowing to kill Lord Janus, even going so far as to make an attempt then and there, obviously he failed. Despite his inability to kill his Lord, Thanatos was able to kill the others that he believed had hidden the truth from him and following the news he proceeded to kill those that had raised and nurtured him soon after Lord Janus had returned to Dubrillion. By the time Lord Janus returned the facility was devoid of life, through the Force only one thing could be felt, a beacon of anger, rage, frustration and lust for vengeance, a powerful attraction for any Sith.

Upon entering the facility Lord Janus was once again beset upon by the boy, once again he was easily defeated, his powers were not yet fully developed, he was however ready to be introduced to his future domain. Leaving the facility for the first time in thirteen years he was taken to Dubrillion where before the leading members of the Templum Karetis, the Legio Pergatus and the holocams that would send his image around the Karet Dominion he was ‘born’. As with many things in the Karet Dominion the presentation was more theater than fact, during which Lord Janus explained how he had ‘created’ the boy, making a fully developed individual capable of succeeding him following his eventual ascension into the ranks of the past gods.

For the next four years Janus had Thanatos simply follow him around as he completed his duties, watching and learning, even going so far as to allow the boy to handle minor matters on his behalf. At age twenty Janus considered the boys formal training to be complete, there was little more he could be taught, the rest he would have to learn through experience. To facilitate this process he was given command of a Legio Pergatus comapny, it was here that he felt his first taste of combat and that he was given his first taste of command. He quickly took to the role, proving himself to be an excellent leader and a brilliant tactician, leading his men to victory in many situations, this is not to say that he did not suffer defeat, just not very often.

Life as a Legionnaire

Within a year he was charged with a podjumper battalion, a frontline unit, often deployed into the thick of battles, used to break enemy lines to allow the regular army to make their push through. Here once again he excelled, leading less from the front, but proving himself as a tactician. It was his actions as battalion commander that resulted in the collapse of the Kronus Cult, a small heretical group which preached that Lord Kronus, the predecessor of Lord Janus was still alive, stationed in a mountain stronghold their position was considered impregnable. The savages of Relutia, an alien race which had not been conquered in a centuries of attempts by the Karet Dominion proved to be his greatest challenge however.

The Relutians were a race who valued both honour and perfection, and held their beliefs most strongly, resisting all missionary attempts by Templum Karetis envoys. They were primitive by galactic standards as well, still using swords and gunpowder, they had limited space capabilites, they had however proven themselves to be tenacious warriors. Despite bombardment and planetary assault they remained fiercely independent, rebuffing every attempt at conquest, making the attempt to costly to proceed with.

As a test of his abilities and at the request of Lord Janus, Thanatos was given command of several battalions of Legio Pergatus and regular army, as well as several squadrons of capital ships to bring to bear on the planet. The capital cities were captured and subdued at a relatively light cost within the first week, the superior firepower of the capital ships proving decisive. Despite this immediate success the war in the surrounding countryside persisted, the armies of Relutia running and hiding, under the leadership of their warrior caste they harried the invaders for many months, killing more men than they lost and inciting violence in many of the cities.

Taking three battalions of Legio Pergatus, Thanatos, moved into the mountains and jungles that the Relutians were striking from. Pressing on determinedly despite heavy losses from guerilla attacks, some would say the action was foolhardy and costly, it was however ultimately successful. The remaining Relutians were cornered deep in the mountains, where despite outnumbering the tired and weakened Legio Pergatus two to one they were slaughtered. All but one was killed at the order of Thanatos, the leader of the Relutian army was to be kept alive, his knowledge of war and warfare was too valuable to die with him. By the time they returned from the jungle Thanatos had under his command only half a battalion, and of those many were ill from infection and malnutrition. The Relutian leader, Tastimoda, became Thanatos’ personal aide, both a form of punishment and mercy and a sign of respect from the Sith for his opponent.

Patron of the Legio Pergatus

His actions pleased Lord Janus despite the heavy costs and he was raised to the position of Patron of the Legio Pergatus at age twenty-five. It is here that he has stayed for the last six years, governing the elite armies of the Karet Dominion and building his contacts and his reputation. From his position he has lead the Legio Pergatus on numerous campaigns to gain both territory and to secure the power of the Karet Dominion. With Tastimoda as his aide his tactical brilliance has developed into a strategic prowess, no campaign of the Legion under his command has yet met with failure.

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