The Facts About Mario thread on the Digital Spy Big Brother Forum, from where MarioMarconipedia mines its content, has received many an appreciative posting, and here are just a handful of them.

Posts in Praise of Facts About Mario

Stop it all of you! You're making me laugh too much too late at night. Not good for my digestion or for my concentration span tomorrow. I'll bet not one of you has considered the health and safety issues involved.

contributed by trixieb

Mario is apparently going to sue us for laughing at him.

He achieved bar status in his early twenties and was appointed a high court judge a record two months later (he was defending OJ Simpson during this time or clearly this would have been sooner). He will defend and pass judgement himself over our blatent joviality towards his bullshining. And we will all have to live with this.

contributed by lou-kate

Best thread ever!! Crying with laughter!!

contributed by Miss Thang!

I am howling with laughter here.

contributed by ronifto

I've just wee'd.

contributed by dirdybirdy

LMAO This thread is making my Monday far easier to contend with.

contributed by Rennie

I literally exploded from laughin so much! WELL DONE!

contributed by LifeOf23

Best thread ever – life is now worth living.

contributed by milkybar37

I nominate this thread as a contender for ds thread of bb 2008.

contributed by ronifto

This thread is so brilliant!!!!! - my thanks to you all for keeping me so entertained over the last few weeks.

contributed by Caz H

Thanks also to:

  • those who took the bold casting decision to include Mario in BB9
  • the production crew who put the BB9 broadcasts together
  • The Great Orange I Am himself for modestly using BB9 to spread the word of his presence amongst us
  • life, the universe, and everything for the coming-into-being of Mario
  • and most important of all, many thanks to the scores of contributers of Facts About Mario for their comedy gold witterings!

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