• Austin: Wow. I gotta say that, Allen. You're such a good racist.
  • Waylon: Yeah, Allen. This boy is going to make the best... party.... EVER!!!!!
  • Ringo Rango: Yeah. Will go get the balloons & 80's candy.
  • Pat the Hammer: Yeah. I'll make the porch from the boy's bathroom.
  • Mr. Uppity: (along with Punchy, Memy, Jack, Pig, Peanut & Joyce) You know what, Allen? You're a party planner.
  • All: Yeah, exactly, I agree. Yeah
  • Male #1: Hooray!
  • Mr. Tummus: Wow!
  • Orko: Yay!
  • Wolf: Yeah! We could get fireworks.
  • Kenny: (muffled) Yes! I'll go get hot dogs.
  • Butters: Great idea.
  • Wiz Khalifa, Widget, Duck, Flaky, B'rer Rabbit & Anthone: Yeah, you should do that. Exactly. I agree. Hooray!
  • Mailbox & Tickety: We could do a dance contest.
  • Bongo: Uh-huh!
  • Cow: MOO!
  • Terrorist #1: Yes.
  • Sassyfrass: I'll buy a pool.
  • Droopy: Yes. [Smash throws sand to everybody]
  • Smash: STOP!!!! [Everybody quit chattering, then looks to Smash] We're not doing that.
  • Allen: Smash, we don't have time to talk. You can come to my party.
  • Smash: Thank you. Now, I gotta get my stuff out of my locker. [Smash walks away from everybody]
  • Swami: That's bad.
  • Allen: (sighs) Everybody, let's go home. I'll buy a carpool for a millionaire. [Everybody walks away from Allen]

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