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|- ! |[Mr. Dizzy gives a poster to a yellow like imaginary friend, Smash gives the ticket to Dorothy & Toto, then, a bee flys to Smash, gives the ticket, then, Smash puts the ticket to the red bucket, then, a notekin, Pat the Hammer puts a soldier's WWII hat on Snarf's head, Mario gives the ticket to Smash, puts it down, the, a toaster, The Lollipop King puts a green hat on Darren's head, then, French Twist pulls a sword out of the sword closet, then, a smurf gets a sword out slowly, then, closes the door, another character walks up to the closet room, more creatures walk in the gym.] |- !Harold |OK, [holds a checkbroad, walks up to Mr. Dizzy, Punchy, Squidward, Sid & Friendly Jack] We must the day on Olive Hill at the Pentagon. |- !Woman #12: |[behind the Lollipop King with gray hair and a rock star shirt] How? |- !The Lollipop King |Don't worry, Jem. The Concuil of Nine can help us. |- !Smash |(sighs) You made my idea f**ked up at the same time, Allen. Who the hell cares anyway? I think it's time to get along, [put his other hand getting something out, then, his hand is out, shows a picture of Allen smiling, picture back to Smash] But you know how I feel about anything, but, before this is over, Allen, you will suck my balls. |- !The Lollipop King |[puts his both hands, then, the microphone leans back. ] Ahem! Hello, citizens of Olive Hill. We got bad news. We won't be coming back to this town: Olive Hill 'til September. So, the terrorists will perform getting rid of Olive Hill. From the good side, they

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