TheBar; a place to discuss whatever you like over a shot of vodka

TheBarTheBar is a growing community filled with many charismatic and eccentric members who enjoy talking about politics, school and many things in general. It started out as a dream from the BSGE student, Mike U. Then it was created by Stuyvesant student Jesse (a.k.a. XceeD) and grew to over 140 members. There are currently 3 administrators, 4 moderators, over 700 topics and over 14,000 posts.

TheBar was acknowledged by many people after several of its members spread the word about the community. Although most attempts at advertising the website failed TheBar received quite a lot of members. One event that led TheBar to increasing popularity was when student Arthur W(?) from Stuyvesant (known as Sirpwnzalot) managed to write an article on Stuyvesant's newspaper, "Standard" about TheBar.

--Nero Angelo 06:48, 27 June 2006 (UTC)Nero Angelo

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