TheBrideKing is the creator of movie spoofs, crossover, music videos, mini-crossover, random videos and more.

The master of movies and tehe king of the Wedding

Move Spoof:

  1. Alice in Wonderland (2010) (Hero Style)
  2. Thumbelina (Heroes Style)
  3. King and I (Hero Style)
  4. Mickey's House of Villains
  5. Repo! The Genetic Cartoon
  6. We're back a Gothic Story
  7. Teen Titans vs The Legion of Doom
  8. Winnie the Toph
  9. Tigger (Aladdin)
  10. Tigger (Aladdin) 2: The Return of Jack Spicer
  11. Tigger (Aladdin) 3: The King of Thieves

Kakakshi, Tigger and Hero Posse:

Nigel's Song
The Money Cat
I've Got a Dream
What's Up Duloc
The Elegant Captain Hook
Be Prepared Reprise
Ignorance is Bliss
Master of Your Fate
The Worlds Greatest Criminal Mind
Professional Pirates
Be Prepared
Are You In Or Out?
Ashley's Song

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