TheUnitedPikachus spoofs of those awesome Dr. Seuss Specials :)

How The Flyer stole Christmas

The Grinch-Pterano(The Land Before Time)

Max-Courage The Cowardly Dog

Cindy Lou Who-Buneary(Pokemon)

The Canary in the Hat with a Cardinal

The Cat in the Hat-Nico and Pedro(Rio)

The Fish-Boris(Balto)



Thing 1 and Thing 2-Boog and Elliot(Open Season)

Halloween is Flyer Night

The Grinch-Pterano(The Land Before Time)(AGAIN)

Max-Courage The Cowardly Dog(AGAIN)


Euchariah's Parents-Memphis and Norma Jean(Happy Feet)

Euchariah's Siblings-Erik Bo and Atticus(Happy Feet TWO)

Sergeant S Fergson-Mumble(Happy Feet)

Pterano Messes with the The Canary in the Hat With a Cardinal

The Grinch-Pterano(The Land Before Time)(ONCE MORE)

Max-Courage The Cowardly Dog(ONCE MORE)

The Cat in the Hat-Nico and Pedro(Rio)(AGAIN)

The Waiter-Meowth(Pokèmon)

The Grinch's Mother-Mama Flyer(The Land Before Time)

Dr.Seuss on the Loose(TheUnitedPikachus style)

The Cat in the Hat-Nico and Pedro(Rio)(ONCE MORE)

North Going Zax-Skipper(Madagascar)

South Going Zax-King Julien(Madagascar)

Sneeches-Pokèmon Park Pokèmon(Pikachu's Vacation)

Sylvester McMonkey McBean-Tigger(Winnine The Pooh)

Sam-I-Am-Baloo(The Jungle Book)

The Guy who Doesn't Like Green Eggs and Ham-Ezylryb(Legend of The Guardians)

Mouse-Roquefort(The Aristocats)

Goat-Sheep(Cow and Chicken)

Fox-Robin Hood

Sebastian and the Hoober-Bloob Highway

Mr.Hoober-Bloob-Sebastian(The Little Mermaid)

Baby-Happy(Rudolph's Shiny New Year)

What the Baby Looks like as a kid-Ash(Pokèmon)


Dog-Mr.Weenie(Open Season)

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