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Canada's 1% Marketing Army

"One can withstand the invasion off armies but one can not withstand the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo

15 Posts Social Media Five Minutes for Edgy Blogging

3i with Tamera Kremer Marketing Intelligent Insight from an


A Class Act with Gary Schlee PR The Molder of Future PR Minds

A Frog in the Valley with Sylvain Carle Online

A View from the Isle with Tris Hussey Online

Ad Hack with James Sherrett Advertising The DIY Advertiser

AIMS Canada Online Who's Who and What's What in Canuck E- Nation

All this Chittah Chiitah with Steve Portigal Culture Braille-ing The Cultural landscape

Amber Mac with Amber MacArthur Culture Canada's Version of Amanda Congdon

Angie Mckaig Culture Online Design …and a Nice Pair of Legs

Antonia Zerbisias (Azerbic) Media The Media Blogging Ringleader

Anyting Goes Marketing with Chad Horenfeldt Online Covering the B to B Online Gamut

Bamcat with Brian McKechnie Culture Very Funny Web Surfer

Billions With Zero Knowledge with Austin Hill Online Promoting a Better Planet through the Web

Biotope with Geoffroi Garon Social media

Blogging me Blogging You with Ed Lee Marketing At Tossed Mix of PR This and marketing That

Blogue Vectis with François Laroche Marketing

Boyd Neil (H&K) PR The Socially Responsible Flack

Brem Experience with Martin Breton Culture

Brendan Hodgson (H&K) PR The Capital City Crisis Communicator

Buzz Canuck with Sean Moffitt Marketing The Word of Word of Mouth

Buzz Marketing with Blogs with Susannah Gardner Online Insight Beyond the Yellow Book

Canadian Entrepreneur with Rick Spence Business The Best Friend to Entrepreneurs

Canadian Marketing Association Blog Marketing A Collective of the

Best in the Canuck Marketing World

Canuckflack w/ Colin Mckay PR The Pioneer of Blogging Thoughts..Since 2003

CanuckTek by Brad Grier The 411 on Tech

Capital PR PR The Politics of Blogging, The Politics of Reading Good

Capulet with Julie Szabo and Darren Barefoot Marketing The Captain & Tenille of Software Marketing

CEO Blog-Time leadership with Jim Estill Business The Role Model Corporate Bloggist

Chroma with Constantino Demopoulos Media The Multi-Talented Media Trendoid

Clickinsight with June Li Online The Genie of Web Analytics

Common Sense PR with Eric Eggertson PR The Tip Book for Aspiring PR Titans

Corvus Consulting with Todd Sieling Online Inisght in the Spirit of Collaboration

CrapHammer with Sean Howard Social Media Social Media and Viral in a Fancy Green Envelope

Creativity, Change, Culture and Communications with Kris Krug Social media The Digital Renaissance Man

Customer Experience Crossroads with Susan Abbott Research The Intersection of Research & Customer Experience

Darren with Darren Barefoot Online A Daily Dose of Van City

David Crow Online The Troublemaker with a soft spot for Entrepreneurs, Software and Community

Deep Jive Interests with Tony Hung Online A Geeky Techie Newshound

Derek Leverington Marketing A Collage of Random Thoughts

DOA with Dominic Arpin Culture

Eli Singer Marketing Daily Candy of Headlines

Elliott Silverstein PR New Media Enthusiast

Ensight with Jeremy Wright Online The Blogging Matchmaker

Espresso with Yannick Manuri Online

Experience The Message w/ Max Lenderman Marketing The Expert on Experience

Flack Life with Bob LeDrew PR Chewing Gum for the Curious Mind

Flackadelic with Leona Hobbs Pop Culture The Weather Vane of Cool

Green Hat with Julie Giles Marketing The Source for Media/Entertainment Buzz & Hype

Guillaume Brunet Social media

H&K with Lisa Walker PR Insight from the H&K Rainmaker

Home is Where You Hang Your @ with Michael Fergusson Social media A Grab Bag of Social Media

Horse, Pig, Cow with Tara Hunt Community A Mash Up of Cluetrain, Pinko and Naomi Klein

I never knew with Patrick Tanguay Online

Ian Ketcheson Social Media The Blogging Bureaucrat

Idea Hatching Online A Couple of Chicks on Clicks

In Over Your Head with Julien Smith Culture

Inside Popnology with Amber MacArthur Pop Culture CITY-TV…now Really Everywhere

Inside PR with Terry Fallis and David Jones PR The Lewis & Clark of the PR/Social Media Double Scoop

Inside the CBC with Tod Maffin Media Under the Hod at the CBC

Ipub.CA.CX with Jean-Julien Guyot Social media

Jill Pyle Social Media Really Insightful PR Student

John Wiseman Online The Good Looking Tech Blog from the Nation's Capital

Join the Conversation! With Alexandre Hénault Social Media The Conversation Starter

Jonathan Dunn (Mar-Comedy) Marketing Refreshing Mag Columnist Take on New Media

Keitai with Stephanie Rieger Culture Mobility, Culture and User Experience

Le techno blog a Steph with Steph Guerin Online

Legal Marketing Canada with Doug Jasinski Marketing The Law of the Land in Marketing

Leigh's Blithering with Leigh Himel Online Cool Stuff Entertainingly Exposed

Leo Burnett: Fruits of Imagination Advertising The Change Agent in the Apple Agency

Lisa Mighton (Believing Impossible Things) Social Media The Non-Profit Social Media Activist

Logic + Emotion with David Armano Advertising Deep Thoughts with…Creativity

Loïc Le Meur Social media

Malcolm Gladwell Pop Culture The Smartest Export from Canada

Maple Leaf 2.0 with Mark Evans Online News from the Canadian Web 2.0 battlefield

Mapping The Web with Aidan Henry Online What Web Hot and What's Web Not

Marc Snyder PR Le Vrai Bon Homme du Blog

Mark Evans Tech Online/Tech The Master of T&T - Tech & Telco.

Mark Hamilton Media Media Rveiews from The Academic

Martin Hofmann PR The Canary in the PR Tech Gold Mine

Matthew Ingram Online/Tech The Ink Stained Expert of Canada's Webland

Media Café with Jeff Mignon Media

Michael Geist Online Judge Wapner for Canadian Internet

Michael Mcderment Online Web 2.0 Value Adder

Michel Leblanc (en Francais) Online The Leading Edge of New Social media

MLM Marketing with Andrew Murphy MLM The Keys to Profitable. Ethical Network Marketing

Moco Loco Montreal with Harry Wakefield Design

Moi, j'pense que with Yves Williams Online

Mutually Inclusive PR with Eric Eggertson PR Little Gems From the Prairies

My Name is Kate with Kate Trgovac Marketing The Evangelist for All Things Innovative

N'ayez Pas peur Philippe Martin Social media Networks (H&K) with Ted Graham PR The Traffic Cop of Social Networks

Niblettes Design Style Tidbits from the Left Coast

Obviousness with John Ounpuu Marketing Empowering Common Sense

Oglivy Toronto - Meanwhile Advertising A Portfolio of "O&M's" Work

One Degree with Ken Schafer and Company Online The Hub for Internet Insiders

Organic : ThreeMinds Marketing The Holy Trinity of Digital Culture

Otherwise engaged with Alexandar Samuel Online The Alderwoman of Civic Blogging

Ouverte 24 Heures with Michel Dumais Online

Participation Highway with Dave Carter Research Online 411 From the CTO

Pierre Bouchard PR

Podonomics with Leesa Barnes Podcasts The Professor of Podcasting

Popped Culture with Jeremy Barker Culture Obsessed in a Really Good Way

PR Girlz from the femme fatales at Thornley Fallis PR PR with Five Pairs of Stilettos

PR Measure with Howard Oliver PR Web 2.0 Tech Master

PR Nation with Paul Zanettos PR PR in Hospitality, Design & Travel

PR Works with David Jones PR The Vanguard of PR Driving The Social Media Bus

Praized with Sébastien Provencher Social Media

Profectio with Dave Forde Online The Social Ringleader of New Media

ProPR with Joe Thornley PR The Connector for Passionate PR Types

Provokat with Martin Ouellette Social media

Qumana Social Media The Blogger's Blog

Rain City Studios: The Standard Social media West Coast's Web 2.0 Wonders Online Start Up's Best Friend

Remarkk with Mark Kuzyncki Innovation Innovation & Creative Community

Rob Cottingham Social Media The Wizard of Media Words

Seen From Here/Vu D'Ici with Marie-Chantale Turgeon Culture

SEO & Web Marketing News with Eric Baillargeon Online

Shift + Control Online Gift Sprinklings from 76 Design

Sid Lee Collective Advertising The Making of Sid Lee nee Diesel 's

Smogger - Social Media Blog with Linda Bustos Social Media Social Media for the Masses

Snook with Jonathan Snook Online A Repository of Web Problems Solved

So Misguided with Monique Trottier Culture Plain Words, Uncommon Sense

Social Media Group with Maggie Fox Social Media The Siren of All Things Social Media

Social Signal with Alexandra Samuel Online The Minister of Online Communities

Steve Hardy at Creative Generalist Pop Culture Musings for The Eclectic Mind

Stuart Macdonald Online The Jetsetting Ebusiness Maven

Student PR with Chris Clarke PR The Precocious PR Maven

Sweet Mantra with Bill Sweetman Online The Practical Guide to the E-Galaxy

Talking About Communities Social media Sequentia's Community Insights

Talking Web 2.0 Online A Webroll of Eight 2.0 All Stars

TBWA\Toronto Blog Advertising The Official Site of Jay Bertram and Co.

Tell Ten Friends with Jordan Behan Online The Conversation Starter

The Client Side with Michael Seaton Marketing The Pied Piper of Marketeers

The Hard Sell with Keith MacArthur Advertising The Megaphone ot the Masses on Our Stuff

The Instigator Blog with Ben Yoskowitz Social Media The Entreprenur Helping Entrepreneur

The Mose with Peter Moseley Online Musings and More Musings

The New Pr with Ryan Anderson PR Renaissance Guy in a PR Body

The Other Bloke's Blog with Barry Welford Online Thought from A Broad Minded Internet Marketeer

The Post Money Value with Rick Segal Business The New Media Bankman

The Sophisticated Bohemian with Julia Stein PR Sophisticated in the City

The Talking Shop with John Sobel PR

The Trojan Mouse Social Media Web 2.0 Market Transformer

The Tucows Blog Online 7 Staffers Inside the Udder

There is No Box with Jason Theodor Advertising The Frenzied Sherpa of Online Branding/Media

This Blog Sits at the...with Grant McCracken Research The Thought Provoking Culture Shifter

Thomas Purves Online Imagining a New Web 2.0

Trafcom News with Donna Papacosta Media The Queen of the Pod

Twist Image with Mitch Joel Online The Canuck Godfather of Social Media

Uninstalled with Michael O'Connor Clarke PR The Yoda of Canadian Marketing Blogs -Rants and Rves since 2001

Vincent Abry Social media

Vincent Gautrais Online

Viral: with David Peralty & James Cogan Word of Mouth Ground Zero for Everything Viral

Voices from a PR Maven with Julie Rusciolelli PR PR Maverick with an Opinion

Vox in a Blog with François Goube Online

Webwalker with Douglas Walker Advertising Ads from a Cultural lense

We're Not Wired Right Design Sexy Looks, Sexy Thoughts

Zero Seconde with Martin Lessard Social media

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