After evil tried to take over the earth, a single Shaman created 10 all powerful creatures that have powers over certain things; The six main elements, Insects, the Heavens, The Underworld, Darkness, Spirits, Cosmos, Metal, Beasts and Magic. After defeating the evil; The Dark Scorpion. They were sent into being summoning creatures.


ShadowDJ, the student of the Grim Reaper himself, along with Yukari Sendo, a young witch, are a few of the known people that can summon these powerful monsters.

The Guardians

These 10 are known to be all powerful monsters that can take out a giant monster with ease.


Leader of them, and the Guardian of the Earth. With the power of the six main elements (Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Plant, and Lightning), he is the most powerful member of the 10 of them. He has a strange appearance, with a huge upper body and head made entirly of stone with light coming out of his eye sockets and mouth, a huge tentacle made of water on his right side, a long three-fingered hand made of ice also on the right, a large metal arm full of lightning for a left arm, another right arm made entirly of magma, and also where his legs and tail should be is made entirly of wind, and also large spikes sticking out of the rock-hard skin. On his chest is a large blue orb, which is the source of his power.

His main height is around 36 feet tall, but can grow to 360 feet.

He is a large monster that will fight to the death with any oppodent.


The most immature of the 10 and the Guardian of the Swarm. He has control of all the insects and arachnids of the planet, making him very dangerous, especially since he can also shoot out energy out of his eyes and hands. He looks very strange, since he looks like a mix between a ant and Dragonfly, with his beady green eyes, six-limbs (two arms and four legs, each with claws on them) and also two large green diamond-shaped orbs on his chest.

He loves to have fun in anyway he can.


The most noble of them and the Guardian of the Heavens. He is a large white eagle-like creature with glowing eyes, a large yellow diamond on his chest, large golden talons, gold tips on his wings and tailfeathers, along with a golden beak. He has a lot of light-based powers, like shooting energy feathers like arrows, and also other heavenly powers.

He fights for honor and all that old fashion stuff.


The Demon hound from Greek Mythology is also the Guardian of the Underworld. This hounds have powerful fire based attacks, along with the power to mold with shadows. This monster is also the most dangerous and savage of the guardians.


A very curious monster and the Guardian of Steel. He is a large metal beast made of scarp metal in the form of a giant warrior with a single green eye, a bunch of gears and screws shown on his body, and also at the height of 47 feet tall. This giant also has a large gem inside of him, a large dark red sphere of energy inside of his chest, hidden under his rust-covered armor. His main powers include shooting metal shards out of a large gun-like arm, and can also make a army of nanobots attack a object, making it fall apart.

This Guardian rarely talks, as it is normally silent.


The serious alien-like creature and the Guardian of the Cosmos. He looks very strange creature, with no legs but a floating torso wearing a long out-of-this-world outfit with his disembodied arms floating near his body, and also a floating UFO for a head, complete with sharp teeth and also three eyes. His powers include the use of cosmic energy to do a lot of stuff, being able to survive in places that have either limited or no oxygen, and also the ability to control matter at will.

This Guardian is a very calm at times, but is serious none the less.


A very spooky female ghost and the Guardian of the Spirits. She is a very pale ghost with a flowing white robe and a white viel covering her mouth area, long black hair covering her blank white eyes, and also long fingers and no feet seen in her faded body. She has ghostly powers, making her unable to get hit easily. She's where spirits are at their peak, like Grave Yards or Haunted houses.

She is the most gloomy of them all. She's best known to scare people out of their pants.


A very wild monster and the Guardian of Beasts. He is one of the most elusive guardians, since he hasn't been seen in centuries. He is a strange monster, with a humanoid appearance, brown fur on his skin, blank eyes, battle armor on, and also strange marking on his face. He has many animal-like powers, like the ability to summon any animal at will, and also can do what ever any animal can do (wither it is breathing under water or jumping in trees).

The strange thing about him is that he's only 8 feet, making him the second shortest Guardian there is.


A loyal demon and the Guardian of the Shadows. Being a creature that can follow any command, he can only listen to his summonder and his pals. His man powers include different shadow-base move, like dark pulses or melting into shadows. His appearance is a yellow eyed humanoid dragon crafted from the shadows, making him able to shape shift at will. His height is that of a small building (around 14-16 feet)

His most interesting feature is that he can follow any order that is given to him (which has to be from either a person who summoned him or a friend of the summonder)


A strange humanoid Cat/Owl/Witch creature and the Guardian of Magic. She can change into different animal forms (Examples: giant Snake, Owl, Cat, Lions, and other monsterous animals). She can also use powerful magic spells (like fire use, making energy pulses, create natural disasters, and other high-level spells). She is also a small Guardian, being only 6'9, making her the shortest Guardian.

Her most powerful feature is that she has powers of feline agility and claws, Owl keen eyesight and flight, and also Witch dark magic powers.

Weapon forms

The Guardians are able to change into powerful weapons for the Summoner when ever he/she is needing a weapon to fight against a certain villain.

Element blade

Elementail's weapon form. It is a large Calimore with different designs on it, like pictures of Fire, plants, and other elements on it.It is very heavy, and has to have someone really strong to even swing it's large blade. It's special power is to summon out a blast of different elements out of it. (like shooting fire balls or shooting a large collem of water at him)


Insection's weapon form. It's a large spear that has a large stinger-like point on it, full of energy to blast at it's holder. It looks like a long red spear with a green diamond stinger on the tip of it, and in it is a yellow energy sphere in it.

Gear Shield

Metalica's weapon form. A large gear-like shield that can block any type of projectile or blade, making them shatter at will. It looks like a large black shield made of rusty metal in the shape of a large gear.

Demon Whip

Cerberus's Weapon form. It is a black furry whip with a black hilt on it, and the fur bursts into venomous flames that can kill with ease.

UFO Shooter

Galaxia's weapon form. It's a large disc-like weapon that can shoot out blasts of energy when thrown, making it kill people wiht ease.

Shadow Ball

A mace with a pitch-black mace that can control shadows, along with make them hit with each blow. It's main power is to levatate with ease.

The Ecto-Blade

Hestica's weapon form. A longsword with ghostly powers, which is the power to shoot energy with increadible ease.

Rainbow Arrow

Aeros' Weapon form. It's a multicolored bow that can create different arrows that can hit anyone with incredible accuracy. The arrow can pierce even the strongest armor without even trying.

The Beast Horn

Beastria's Weapon form. A small bear-themed horn that can be heard from miles away. It is normally used to call for back up, like a stampede of animals to trample oppodents.

the Owl Staff

Magica's weapon form. A long black and gray staff with a golden owl on the top part of it. It's eyes can shoot out a blast of magic that can take out the oppodent, by changing him/her into anything the user wants.

Minor Guardians

The few creatures that are younger guardians, as the new generation of guardians.


The leader of the new Guardians and the Guardian of the Enternal flames. This humanoid beatle is very powerful, with red, black and orange skin and armor on his body, large red eyes, and also orange see-threw wings on his back. His powers are able to create flames with ease, along with flight.


The Guardian of Order, and is the mix of the Guardian of Balance and the Guardian of Chaos. After those guardians died, they gave their power to the young guardian, who was once human until the power came to him, giving him reality control, which include creating objects out of thin air or healing others or himself. He normally looks human, but his right side is dark gray while his left side is goldish in volor, a strange white and black outfit, along with his ears being replaced with small wings, his right one being a black leathery bat wing, and his left one is a white bird wing, and up to his ankles are thick feathers along with bird feet with talons.

He is still discovering the powers he can do, which include conjuration, teleportaion, flight, and also energy-based attacks.


A strange being and the Guardian of the Mist and Secrets. This smoke being has only three glowing eyes, strange ghostly appearance (complete with what looks like horns on his head), and long fingers on his thick arms and also no noticable mouth. He can keep a secret easilly, since it's what he guards, along with the myserious mist that blankets the earth.

The Evil Beasts

The Arch enemies of the 10 Guardians, which are at bigger numbers then them.

The Dark Scorpion

The most evil mosnter, and Elementail's arch enemy. This pitch black, six-red-eyed scorpion is the most dangerous demon in the Underworld, but can be resealed into the Underworld.

Made his debute in the Neo Author Fighters, as a enemy, but will appear in future stories in the FAF series.


A mean-looking red and black triceritops that has golden yellow eyes. This monster is best known for it's brute stregth and razor-sharp horns that can kill on contact. Don't underestimate this Cretasious monster for it's small brain, it is really deadly when angered.

Black Hole

Galaxia's arch enemy. This being is nothing but a lone figure with pitch black skin and blank white eyes. This lone being has the power to create miniture black holes.

The Nightmares

Monsters that represent the sins that plague mankind since the old days. Created from the death of every person in history to do a certain sin, the monsters were created by that energy, creating them in the process,

  • Anger: The monster of Wrath. A reptilian beast with black clothing and a really bad temper. His clawed gloves are his main weapons of choice, since they are as deadly as his temper. Don't get him mad unless you got a death wish.
  • Glutton: The Monster of Gluttony. This beast has a huge light blue body with small eyes and also sharp teeth. His long tounge makes it easy to eat anything in his path, making him the proof of gluttony isn't good.
  • Limbo: The monster of Despair. This snake loves to make people feel bad, by which makes him stronger, while it makes them weaker.
  • Heresy: Monster of Athism. This monster belives that he can make people forget all about a religion and make them worship him and his pals.
  • Greed: Monster of Avarice. This guy has the lower body of a large serpent, and he loves to have nothing more then everything in the world (to bad he can't get them)
  • Fraud: The Monster of Crime and Lies. This monster loves to mislead people into trouble, like telling them it is alright to do something wrong.
  • Treachery: The monster of Betreyal. This guy is the only one outside of the group, since he betreayed the other eight. He has the appearance of a human in demonic armor, so he can't be seen so easily.
  • Violence: The Monster of Battle. This monster is a beast is dark red with three sepearte faces on his body (each are a strange mask), giving him a evil appearance since all three represent three different signs of evil beasts (A bat for the right one, a jackal for the middle, and a snake for the left mask)
  • Lust: the Monster of Sedution. This female humanoid monster is the most flirty of them all, making her deadly in her sense. She loves nothing more then making people go all over each other with her evil mind control powers.
  • Sloth: The Monster of . This is a large three-eyed monster that looks like a giant silver-furred sloth with razor sharp claws on his hands and feet, along with a mean look on his three eyes.
  • Invidia: The monster of Envy. This female monster with the lower body of a snake can make people feel increadble jealousy. Her main weapon of choice is her fangs and claws.


The most disgusting monster in history and the monster of Polution. He loves nothing more then fill the world with filth

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