The 5 Friends is a VHS from NCH Videos 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment


  1. Paddington Bear: Please Look After This Bear
  2. The Raggy Dolls: The Special Offer
  3. Broomstick Cottage: The Cat
  4. The Shoe People: The Great Sledge Race
  5. Tales of Aesop: The Tortoise and the Hare


  • Paddington Bear
  1. Animated by Ivor Wood
  2. Music by Herbert
  3. Told by Sir Michael Hordern
  4. © FilmFair Ltd 1975/Paddington & Company Ltd
  • The Raggy Dolls
  1. Created by Melvyn Jacobson
  2. Writer By Neil Innes
  3. Artwork & Animated by Roy Evans
  4. Voice by Neil Innes
  5. © Melvyn Jacobson/Yorkshire TV
  • Broomstick Cottage
  1. Film by Barry Jackson, Michael Mellor and Barnard Reyner
  2. Tell by Keith Railton
  3. © Dabble Films 1989
  • The Shoe People
  1. Writer by James Driscoll
  2. Director by Clennell Rawson
  3. Producer by Tony Barnes
  4. Told by Philip Whitchurch
  5. © James Driscoll
  • Tales of Aesop
  1. Director by Jeremy Cross
  2. Music by Ann Bryant
  3. Puppeteers by Graham Lee and Kate Frost
  4. Told by Tom Baker
  5. © Matrix Productions

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